Frank Zhang

Frank Zhang

Shapeshifing is the kind of ability for a being to physically transform into another form or being. The family of Frank Zhang is the only known family to have this ability, an inherited gift from the god Neptune. This ability is rare and usually only immortal beings have been known to shapeshift.


Gods and Titans are truly going to be in danger if they are going to use their original form to the mortal world. Due to their powers, they can transform themselves into their sacred animals and in the ancient tales often did so to complete their own goals. Like Minerva, she can transform into her sacred animal which is the owl. Somnus can transform into anything he wants to be, but he was said to have transformed into a bird in the past. Jupiter on the other hand, transforms himself into an eagle as a disguise to his wife Juno when he's with his affairs.


Mortals have no natural power to change form, but some may inherit this ability through divine ancestry. One known family is the Zhang family, are all descendants to a mortal grandchild of Neptune, Periclymenus and they all inherited his ability to turn into animals. One example is Frank Zhang, who is capable of turning into an animal. Emily Zhang is Frank's mom, and she also has this ability. She was once a Canadian soldier who attempted to use her ability during a war in Afghanistan. The plan didn't go well, as she lost her life in the action. Grandma Zhang has also this kind of power. In The Son of Neptune, Frank said that he saw a small bird when their house was burning. And he said that it might be his grandma.

However, mortals with no ability of this may shapeshift by a gods power, this may also be used as a punishment. One example are the Gorgons, who were originally humans that somehow offended the Olympians and were turned into monsters as punishment. 


The user can transform and reshape down to the genetic and cellular structure. They can impersonate others or enhance one's body to combat, either by turning into an animal, monsters or to make the body stronger. Users with particulalrly flexible abilities can manipulate their form at will easily. 


Animal Morphing - transform into animals.

Biomorphing - transform into any living thing.

Body Manipulation - manipulate any aspect ones body.

Size Manipulation - changes the size of onself.

Known Mortal UsersEdit

Frank Zhang

Emily Zhang

Grandma Zhang


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