Sam Richards

Daughter of Jupiter
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Her mother, Julia Richards, was a veteran, just coming home to her husband and her two kids, when she meet ___ while she was being deported. She was a pretty, strong women, she meet a man named Paul Davids, who was a commander, or whom was retired. They got along well, until things got interesting, she and him dated secretly until she became pregnant with his kid. Paul told her of his true identity, then was rumored to have died in battle somewhere. Sam was born on October 6th, even though she was raised by her aunt. She was born in a rough and tumble family in America. But, she was actually pretty decent in school, compared to most of her family she was. She actually had a troubled childhood, not with crime or anything, just her behavior in class sometimes. When her father left, she became quite bitter and rude, she never quite recovered...

She acted quite rebellious and sometimes studied, but not often. She was very secretive, only trusting her best of friends to keep her secrets, Sam was a helpful girl, if you deserved the help, she gave it to you. But she was known for being a big trouble-maker. Sam was a not-so well behaved girl, but one of her teachers set her straight.

At the age of 13 years, she was walking back form school, when her friend Annika, a monster in disguise, turned into a monster in her very eyes, she nearly died because of the monster, but luckly a group of demi-gods saved her, she stayed with them for 3 years until she felt ready to go to Camp Jupiter. It took her awhile for her to find her way, she got attacked by monsters most of the time. She made it though, injured. She is currently healed and has been here for a couple of months.

By that time, Sam's mother Julia died in a car crash when she was with the others, she didn't hear about it Julia's death until it was too late, she hated everyone for awhile, Sam often went on rage attacks, she was both sad and angry at her mother's death, but her rage was often quite voilent at times.

But still she is quite senstive to speak about it, and she still rages about it though. But she doesn't trust as easily, she doesn't let things go. She's more street-smart and cunning, but then again she lived 3 years of her childhood on the streets. Sam has learned to trust nobody, and nobody will help you.

Sam has a mild dislike of Camp, but then again, she dislikes everything (serectly) but she likes Camp better then most things.

Sam Richards
Biographical Information
October 4th (16 years old)
She's not dead.
America, California
Marital status
Also known as
Camp Jupiter
Daughter of Jupiter
Physical information
Hair colour
Eye colour
Skin colour
Pale White
Family information
Family members
Jupiter and Julia (mother and father)
Other Information
Camp Jupiter



She's a very friendly person, but she is very headstrong and proud. She is a polite person around teachers, but sometimes she fakes politeness to get into a teacher's good book. But mostly she loves to cause trouble. She loves pranks, she is a creative person once it comes to that. Sam is a very brave and good hearted person. She is selective to a level, but not really. She can be very corky and sweet hearted sometimes. It is not a good idea to talk about her mother to her, it's quite a touchy subject and she'll never forgive you if you say anything remotely rude about her.



Swords, big clunky boots



Karate (black belt), Street fighting, Street smarts

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