"Hey there, my name is Samantha Hayley Richards, but don't ever call that or i'll kill you. Just call me Sam. And this is my story."

Newborn to 5 years oldEdit

"I was born on October 8th, 16 years ago. Some people call me young some people call me old, but anyways, I was a.... nightmarish baby, as my mom was panting as I flew out the window and escaped form my crib constantly, I think she needed a break of me. Me being a very, very difficult child to raise. Cause, Jupiter's my dad and all, I could do all sorts of terrible things."

"Yeah, of course I was. At the age of 1, it was just boring..... Meh, i pretty much was a pain in my mom's a** until i turned 5 and she set me to a private-all girl school, MAN, i hated that school."

"Something strange happened there, and yeah , i was born in San Francisco, i just attended a different school, in fact, nothing bad happened at the one school i attended until was 11 years old." 

11 years 0ld to 16Edit

"At the age 11, i was sent to this camp, the wolves' came to pick me up and Lupa took care of me. For sometime.

"Yeah, i know what told everyone else, 'Some punks took me to camp' it was much more impressive story then the truth."

"At the age 12, i was released to go to Camp Jupiter, where i was claimed as a daughter of Jupiter, i surprising myself by actually not being very surprised."  

"Oh and a few years later, at the age 14 i meet a girl named Max Grey, whom wasn't in camp just yet, but she had a gang with her, OMG! Agh, i was almost killed by them, until i beat the crud out of them with my eleritcal powers, but I was surprised i earned her trust."

"So, i told them about Camp Jupiter, but they didn't seem very interested, only really Max did. She was pretty... uh, interested in me more then the story which was a... well... hehe... weird thing cause i'm bisexual, but i still kind of like her in that sense too."

"But you don't wanna hear about that right? I don't think it's appropriate at the moment."

"Well, anyways i returned to Camp Jupiter, as a very beat-up daughter of Jupiter, i was like 'Some idiot's beat meh up.' But two years later, Max Grey did come to camp, but she doesn't remember me as well as i would like, the girl that beat up her gang, i thought i was amazing for doing that!'"

"MEH, that's my story! Bye!"

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