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Ad Scutum, Clina: Roman legionaries always carried their scuta (shields) in their left hands. As such the command translates to: "To your shield, turn". Clina is an affirmative, meaning that one only performs the turn command upon it being called.

Ad Gladium, Clina: Roman legionaries always carried their gladii (swords) in their right hands. As such the command translates to: "To your sword, turn".

Transforma: Translates to: "To your back, turn." The soldier turns clockwise to face the opposite direction.

Ad Signa: Translates to: "To standards." The soldier falls into rank immediately.

Dirige Frontem: Translates to: "Straighten front." The soldier raises his/her chin to be parallel to the ground, straightens his/her back and fix any spacing irregularities between the ranks and columns.

Intra: Every second man in line starting from the right moves one pace backwards and one to the right to form two ranks with open space between columns.

Exi: The opposite of intra. The soldiers in the second rank move one pace left and one forwards to form one rank again.

Langia: Translates to: "Open ranks." The soldiers in each rank move to the sides and away from the soldiers in the centre.

Iunge: Translates to: "Close ranks." The soldiers reform the ranks to have perfect spacing between soldiers.

Sta: Translates to: "Halt." Used to stop formations

Dimitto: Translates to "Dismissed." Used to dismiss soldiers from formation.

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