What is Roleplaying?Edit

Roleplaying is when one pretends to be an alternate persona, a character, through means of acting out what he/she would do. Roleplaying is most always, if not always, accompanied by a setting, which "sets the mood" for roleplay. The setting could be historical or fictional, present, past, or future.

How do we do it? And when?Edit

Roleplaying on a website provides an unique experience unlike roleplaying games where you control the character and have them do what you please using the press of buttons and/or the mouse. On wikia, we make use og word bubble templates, which allows one to type out what a character says. Actions can be put in the word bubble by italicizing the words and/or putting an asterisk before and after the passage regarding character actions. Roleplaying will occur in the comments section/on the talk pages of character pages using the word bubble template you will make for your own character. Players may also roleplay on special pages for quests and events. Roleplaying can happen whenever and will involve a back and forth posting turn system where one person posts, then another and so on back and forth.