What is Roleplay?

Roleplay, is a position in where you adopt a character, and make it yours. You assume the position, and change your behavior to act our your role. In this case, you are making up a character (please see the create a character page located under Roleplay in the top) and acting them out. 

Where do we do Roleplaying?

We do Roleplaying, in many places. The main area, is the Chat, and then we have Message Walls, and of course the Cohorts. Your character, choices to be in which cohort (admins can change that around, to make things even) and you are assigned that cohort. A leader (centurion only) will be selected, and will run the cabin, and decide what team they are on for the War Games

What do you do?

When you roleplay, you act out the desired character. For your character, the limits you may only have up to 10 characters. lf you have more than 10, we will have to ask you to remove one of them, and you may only act out one at a time, and must stick with the same character through a War Games chat. 

What you do, is act out the character, and speak like you think they would speak. You use them in Fanfiction stories, chat rooms, and Message Walls. 

Why only 10 characters?

Assuming, there are over 100 users on this Wiki, and each had 10 characters, that makes 10,000 different pages for characters. That isn't very logical or organized.

Grouping Characters

As mentioned, on another page, we advise you to group some of your characters together. Siblings, could go on the same page, enemies, family. That would help, because we don't really want over 10,000 different pages with different characters.


Be sure to write: Roleplay at the top of every Roleplay page you make, or it will be removed from the Wiki. Same goes for Fanfiction, because we don't want to mix it up with Fact Based pages.

If you still have questions, please feel free to ask an admin