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Reyna's storyEdit

One-shot and never going to happen again. 

 Reyna stared in disbelief as missiles rained down from the sky. But in the next instant, fear turned to rage. She turned to her guest, Annabeth. "You have betrayed us!" She runs down the hill towards her legion, hearing Annabeth stumble behind her. Reyna curses herself for trusting them, how could she be so stupid? She had learned long ago that it can be dangerous to trust people.

Reyna reaches her people, and shouts "Forma ordines!" One newer probatio taps her arm. "What does that mean?" He asked timidly. Reyna gave an exasperated sigh. "Form ranks. Isocrates, you really must study your Latin vocabulary." She whipped away shouting other commands to the rest of the legion. "Sta in parati!" The legion stood defiantly at the Argo II. Thy grabbed dishes and rocks from the ground and started throwing them at the enemies. Even Jason, especially Jason. Reyna watched as Jason tried to protect his girlfriend from the mob. Brave yet stupid.

Someone threw a brick and caught Jason in the forehead. He moaned and sunk to the floor. Reyna had an urge to run forward and see if he was ok, but she turned her back and marched to the other side of the legion. She climbed on top of a rock so she could see the entire legion. They were all picking things off the ground, and hurling plates. Reyna glanced up, and saw Percy Jackson and Annabeth climbing up the ladder. "Go." She whispered under her breath. Secretly she believe that Annabeth didn't mean for her ship to fire upon New Rome. Something had happened, but she couldn't explain it to the legion. Not now, they wouldn't believe her. She must remain strong.

Reyna 2

Reyna, Hyllas sister


Octavian has the legion in a frenzy, everyone is screaming and demanding to see Reyna. Calmly Reyna walks up to the front and stands next to Octavian. "WE NEED TO FIND THEM! KILL them before they reach the Ancient Lands!" Reyna stiffens but lets him continue. "Reyna, by now should surely see that they are enemies of Rome!" She scowled, and felt like punching him but thought better of it.

"Octavian," she said stiffly "might I have a word with you for a moment?" She said word with as much enthusiasm as a faun begging on the streets. Octavian gave a sickly, lopsided smirk.

"Sure, anything for our dear, dear praetor." Some people in the crowd laughed, then quickly covered as Reyna glared at them. With that she stormed over to her quarters, with Octavian at her heels. 


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