The seven are spending the winter inCamp Half-Blood. They are in a meeting when Leo gets a text message. It was sent by a guy called Leon. What does he want with them?  

Chapter 1: JasonEdit

Jason was in the Big house, having a meeting with his friends, Piper, Leo, Percy, Annabeth, Frank and Hazel. Chiron, a centaur and teacher, was just telling them the events for the following week. All week was the same events. Archery followed by Chariot racing, followed by free time and climbing up the lava wall.  Jason sat back in his chair and blocked out Chiron. It was way too cold. Even though it never snowed in Camp Half-Blood, they could still feel the bitter cold that shrouded them.

I'm sexy and I know it.

Leo took his phone out his out've his army jacket's pocket.

"I don't think we'll have any events today." He said, "The world's in danger. Again."

"What makes you say that?" Frank said, "We just saved it."

Leo attached something  to his phone and clicked his fingers. 

'This text message from an old friend of my mom's.' 

Percy sat up, "Who's Leon?"

"Who?" Frank asked.

"Leon." Percy said, "Where it says 'Sent by', there's a name next to it. Leon Kennady. How has he got your phone number?"

The door swung open. Letting more of the cold air in. Jason sat up and turned his head. "Him I guess."

"I see you got the message I sent you." Leon said, "I'm guessing you've only told them my name."

"Yeah. I didn't get round to telling them everything." Leo said, "But first, Jason. Jason. Hello." Leo tapped Jason's head, "Anyone in there. Youhoo."

"What?" Jason asked, "Couldn't you see that I was day-dreaming?"

"No. Anyway. Can you read the message out." Leo said.

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