The Insurrectionist is unusually armed, as in she wields a two handed hammer with the emblem of dual cobras entwined on the shaft and up to the sides of the hammer. She marches forwards confidently, ready to swing at Connor.

Connor: *Throws rope dart at hammer at a attempt to disarm the hammer* 

The rope dart manages to coil itself around the shaft of the hammer. Yet, she twists the handle towards her, which will make Connor lose grip on the rope dart or knock him forwards if he does not let go of the weapon.

Connor: Ugh! *throws the rest of the rope dart at her face. Then draws his bow.*

The rope dart's rope grip cracks beside her as she dodges the lash caused by the release of tension. She charges forwards, wearing only a leather cuirass, Celestial bronze bracers, and greaves, before he can shoot. She swings the hammer at his left side.

Connor: *He stumbles backwards, and quickly with haste, takes aim and fires at her torso area.*

The arrow manages to fly true to her, striking the centre of the segmentata. However, it does not manage to pierce the thick leather. She pulls out the arrow as she takes a few steps back in retreat.

Connor:*takes another arrow from his quiver and aims and fires at her neck area*

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