Polybotes is one of the giants. He is a son of Gaea and was born to oppose Neptune, god of the sea.


He sided with the Giants (he is one) in Gigantomachy. After the giants lost the war, Neptune defeated him by ripping a part of the island Kos off and hurling it at Polybotes. This fragment then formed the island Nisyros.

The Heroes of OlympusEdit

The Son of NeptuneEdit

Polybotes was leading a huge army of monsters against Camp Jupiter, with Stheno and Ma Gasket as his commanders. However, Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, [Hazel Levesque]], Ella and Tyson arrive to stop him. Percy gave the Roman standard to Dakota, so that he could face off with Polybotes. After crushing Terminus, the god decided to help Percy defeat the giant. Using the severed head of the God's statue, Percy smashed Polybotes on the nose, killing him.


He is described at least 30-feet tall, which is quite small for a Giant. With reptilian legs similar to a Komodo dragon. From the waist upwards he has green-blue armor. He also wore a breastplate shaped with faces of monsters. He had a human face with wild green hair that had basilisks hanging down from it.


Not much is known about the full extent of Polybotes powers, but it is assumed he has the basic powers of a giant. His weapons are a trident and a large fishing net, two weapons that are normally seen in gladiator matches or used by fisherman, although he could have just used the trident to mock Neptune. Also because he was meant to oppose Neptune, he has the ability to turn water into poison just by touching it. He possessed the ability to create snakes and basilisks by shaking his head, an ability Hazel described as "Viper dandruff". Lastly, he may have the ability to drain the power of gods, demigods, or other sea creatures as when Percy first sees him, it felt like his powers were being drained.

Polybotes, being defeated by Poseidon.


  • The name Polybotes means "feeding many" (poly = many) in classical Greek, where he may have originally been a fertility god. Possibly even a reference to the many serpents that live in his hair.