The WanderersEdit

Daughter of Venus in love~ Entry One

Deeper into the streams of thoughts

The farther we go, the more we get lost.

Going back would be a mistake

But this is our red stringed fate

We take flight, deeper into nothingness

What could have caused this?

Our thoughts connect and my attention is gone

Wandering on and on........two lost souls

If we are truly lost, I don't wanna go back

Together and connected, our minds go Tic Tac

Don't ever escape without me in your mind

I say this because, you're without a doubt, mine

So grab my hands and interlace them with yours

I know by know, I'm sure

It's you I want to wander with

Only you can make me feel like this

On and on Deeper and deeper farther and farther connected and connected together and together interlaced and interlaced. Wandering Wanders


My garden Edit

Daughter of Demeter hypnotized~ Entry Two

Blooming buds, magical roses

Daisies in the wind, sunflowers in our noses

Rain pours down and Oleander grows

Belladonna poison goes down the throat

Poison Ivy takes your sanity

What happened to the beauty and the calamity?

No more orchids and no more tulips

Goodbye seeds, my garden is evil

Snake slithering to and through

Poisoning my flower bed, how about nu?!

Poisoning beauties kill is all

My mind, body and soul take a hard fall

+BrijaeSibby To my nightshade that posion's me, but I can't resist~IT

Oracle's Prophecy~Edit

The one that tells the future ~ Entry Three

Dumbluck Or Fate?

Asleep or Awake?

Love or Lust?

Bite or Suck?

Here or gone?

Silence or song?

Wrong or right?

Blind or sight?

Night or sun?

Zero or one?

Forgotten or missed?

That or this?

Teased or Tainted?

Longed for and waited...

+BrijaeSibby To the confused ones that need to learn~

Sightly Edit

Child of Hades, losing someone close ~ Entry Four

Sorry, hurting, feeling alone

Wishing you had a Doppleganger clone

Sorrow, missing, shutting it out

Time and Time again having more doubts

Lights out, feeling dead 

Open your eyes to face reality

All of this is getting to me

Tears strolling like a stream

I just want to wake up from this dream

Cold with things the mind doesn't know

Eyes like streams of melting snow

Tomorrows a new day, feelings move on

In my heart, I'll always know, you're never gone

+BrijaeSibby To the one that got away, you could say.


Hypnotizing Daughter of Aphrodite~ Entry 5 

Tantalized Love, forget what you heard

Teasing menace, mind making curves

Taunting Lies....

Time hypnotize 

Telling you what you want to hear

Ticked off, but it's worth it dear

Told to listen, so do so

Taken by storm, it's a bit cold

Testing your mind, very weak

Tempting you, DON'T SPEAK!

Tickling your thoughts, now it's swayed

You're being persuaded today

+BrijaeSibby To the ignorant's that are easily influenced...

Don't Blink~Edit

A broken hearted immortal girl obsessed with chocolate~Entry 6

Don't Blink,

In an instance you were gone

Maybe if I don't blink you'll come back

When I was alone you were there

A Days brought us together

I knew you well

and you kept me out of hell

I never thought you'd be gone

I thank you for your time here

Stay in this world with me a little while longer

I'll keep you in my mind til the end of time

I'd never say goodbye

I refuse to say goodbye, maybe if I don't blink this nightmare will vanish

I don't care where we'll be, I want you with me

Sadness fills that void....the hope you gave...the lives you saved

If we had more time....if I could be with you 4evs

For you, I don't blink, I'd never Blink, if I could see you once more

Kept safe and sound for that I offer my life, but you won't take it

Now my heart is Sinky. I wish time would stop cutting away..

If i could make time reverse, to bring back what the world wants

I want time to heal, but we need to heal first.

I promise you, I'll never Blink~

+BrijaeSibby I love you <3 

Watashi o YurushiteEdit

A child of Nyx wanting to be forgiven~Entry 7

Time moved on

Tears were shed

Never To be forgotten

Even among The dead

Hero all The way Til the end

Leaving a burden and sadness

Sorrow and words needed To be said

BuT we missed This

The clock Ticked on

Though we never forgeT

AbouT The lovely Time we spent....


Save a life, Take a life

A hearT for a hearT

Broken hearTed, one remained

Where To sTart?

Hello's or goodbyes?

Winnings or nice Tries?

Open your eyes, iT was just a dream

Keeping you in our hearTs

We're perfecTly maTching...

Open your eyes

Don'T Blink nineTeen nineTy five~

+BrijaeSibby To the hero


The one lost at sea~Entry 8

Sparkling rubies, dyed gems

Burning sun, the moon dims

Swirling patterns, crissed and crossed

Flat surface, the ocean calls

Beautiful song, reaches thy ears

Attention turns, the time feels like years

Calling to me, I meet the voice

The voice flips and does a rejoice

Before I know what's happening next

That sing song voice greets my death

Rubies are grotesque, gems covered in blood

The sun and the moon become one

Swirling waves, crissed crossed bones

Down the surface, the ocean groans



Aphrodite's Charm~Entry 9

Darkness and night, stars so bright

Silhouetted moon, all the way til noon

In the         middle of it all, a sight that makes me 


My love waiting for me, how can this be?

Showered in red, eyes as blue as midnight

This love will go on til and to the infinight

Blushing, tears, and pure surprise

We can see the want in eachother's eyes

Calming beauty, charming man, love is timeless

My dreams can...

Come true this time

This is it. This!

Take me from the night and make it infinite 

It'll be the wandering infinight

It'll be where we reside 



Entry 10 

Dear "You"

I wonder how you are

Are you alive and well?

Do you still think about me

and the times that we spent?

Well I'm alive and fine,

had my fair share of loves and hates.

Dear "you"

I miss you

Please come back

I need your strength

To love and hold me

I need the "you" that would yell and scream.

The "you" that I am missing.

So you can tell me that it's alright to cry,

and hug me and whisper goodnight.

The "you" that would tell me not to give up

But when you knew it was hopeless,

the "you" inside of you...

or maybe it was the me inside of you

that would speak you

and whisper your words back to you.

Dear me 

from the past

who is hurdling into the future

I am alive and well

loved and well-fed

Do not worry about the me that became "you"

I left for a reason

because you are well enough to care for yourself.

Dear me,

I am there.

I am hugging you.

I care.

I am still here.

I am never gone.

The "you" that was me

and the me that was "you"

are now one.


 The MasterEdit

Entry 11~doctor who :3 for hunter

Feeling numb, 

Heart, 4 drums?

I can hear the pitter pat

Ringing in my ears

I can't go back

Consuming me,

making my heart squee~

I gotta stop before everything changes

I lose what I faces~What I thought was right

Was actually wrong..

I'm ending this, my four beat song



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