Episode 1.1: Pilot


Once there was a world where there was multiple kings and queens who ruled in different realms. Every kingdom ruled in peace and all was well. You must be wondering why you're here if everything was so perfect. Well, we're going to listen to the story of the four Mystic Sisters who will take their place as the heir to their kingdom. When the prophesied sisters were born, the peace started to vaporize and an ancient dark force began to awaken. Then there was a faithful undoing of the dark force or so the Noforian's thought.  Here we are, present day coming upon the coronation. 50 minutes before the hour of the most spectacular day of the fifth month of the 3rd year. Four sisters, waiting to ascend the throne are putting the final touches on their gowns, for it is to be their day of triumph. There is commotion all around the coronation room and excited people are gathering, waiting to see their beloved princesses while eating the delicate sacred foods. Each princess is a bit nervous and excited at the same time, all reflecting on their pasts and wondering what the future will hold. Here is the story of the Mystic Sisters.

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~~Sarah: Today I must inherit my realm, and I feel like the weight of the kingdom is crushing me, and I don't know if I want this at all. Ever since I was a child I was told I would be the heir to this kingdom. I used to be giddy about it, but now I'm not as certain. I watched the troubles of my parents before me and I wonder if I'll be ready. I place my hand on the door knob and tuck a loose strand of hair into the tight braid. My parents believe I am strong, and I have to believe they are right. How could I let them down by not taking the throne? "I have to do this." I mumbled in my head while walking down the the steps to the coronation room.I am strong like the sun that shines overhead. I am strong like the wind that passes through the trees. I will be strong for my coronation.

~~Tina: I am suffocating in a river of garments and cloth, wading through the depths of my coronation gown.I'd give anything to be in another place, diving in the shallows behind Coral Rock east of the castle...but those carefree days are over. I have to start looking after the people...but I feel I shouldn't, not after what I did; its to horrible for any person to be ruled by an unworthy person such as me. I find myself walking towards the coronation area, one expensive shoe in front of the other, padding along swiftly. I have no choice, I need to do what I was called to do, become queen of my realm, and I need to become strong for them my people. The Water kingdom will have a strong leader.

~~Susan: Cold metal presses against my lower throat as I clasp my precious necklace onto bare skin.Then again, I should be used to cold. Cold is in fact my domain, and will be mine to rule in only a matter of minutes. I have to forget my past and think only of my future.These people are my void of happiness and I have to do whatever I can to protect them. The clock on the wall makes a constant ticking noise reminding me of my fate. I must act with grace, and poise, not for me,but for my people. I encourage myself as I'm walking into the coronation room.

~~Serenity: I plaster a smile in my face, I should be happy, I've been waiting for this moment since I was a small child. This is what I always wanted, so why can't I shake my nerves? I run a hand through my hair and try to envision myself with a set jaw and a leaders face. The mirror reflects a timid girl dressed in expensive clothes with wide scared eyes. "Be brave. Your a leader. You deserve that crown." I tell myself, walking through the door.

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The trumpets are playing and the doves are singing for the four princesses. As each girl walked in the coronation room, on the red velvet carpet, they had strong clear faces- the faces of true leaders.

As the the king stood up, out of the throne he said "Kneel." Each of the girls knelt at his feet.

~~Sarah's POV: This is it.

~~Tina's POV: The jewels are to precious for me. Stop don't think that way its your time to shine.

~~Susan's POV: I am a leader and I am about to become the best one I can be.

~~Serenity's POV: I am a true queen, and that crown is destined for me.

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As the king summoned the tiaras, he told the girls these words: "Will you promise to be the leaders that we have called you to be and fight for your kingdom even if it costs you your life?" The Four Sisters replied solemnly: "I Do."

Then a crown was placed on there heads and the queens of each realm stood and listened to the cheering of their people.

Yet they never knew or could have been prepared for what was coming.

~~The End of Part 1~~
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Pt. 2

After the corination...

Castle by NikYeliseyev


Today's coronation was thrilling yet a bit scary. I can't help but feel a little giddier at the thought of having a kingdom of my own. For the moment, my doubts have disappeared and it's me alone in my room for the last time. I run my hand over a picture sitting on my dresser. The sun is shining behind my sisters and I, broad smiles lighting up our faces I remember that day clearly, it couldn't have been that many years ago. Serenity fell in the moat when Tina accidentally pushed her and we all had to pull her out... I walk toward the window and look at my carriage. Four brilliant white horses stand waiting to take me to my new home. Suddenly, the door to my room flings open and Susan is there, along with Serenity and Tina. I flashback to times this has happened before, all three of my sisters finding shelter in my room during storms or when we'd played pranks on the palace guards. It suddenly dawns on me that this is the last time, we will all be standing here together. Tina rushes forward and flings her arms around my neck while Susan is furiously wiping her nose on her dress sleeves. Tina grabs Serenity's arm and we all embrace. No one says anything for a long moment.

"I'm going to miss this place," Serenity says finally.

"We could always come back and visit." Susan suggests her positive voice giving the other siblings hope.

~-~-~-~Meanwhile in the King's study~-~-~-~

The king bent his weary head over his desk, the flickering of the candle casting shadows across his face "My dear must make a decision. The enemy will not wait for you." A voice rasped out of the darkness of a corner. "You think I don't know that?" The king lifted his hand irritably. "Will the wars and darkness never stop? Have there not been enough bloodshed?" He sighed but continued. "I don't need another person on my conscience. That's why I am sending you to the earth realm to be an adviser to Serenity. There are rumors that there is going to be a revolution and I want someone there whom I can trust." "The honor is mine my king." Cyphrus replied.

~-~-~-~Back In Sarah's Quarters~-~-~-~

~~Sarah: "I will miss all of you." I say while hugging my sisters tightly. I feel like the moment I let go, they will vanish. Cyphrus, my father's advisor walks in, his leather shoes clacking against marble floors.

"Sorry to separate the love feast in here but Serenity has to go." Cyphrus bows elegantly.

"Okay." My throat feels dry and the four of us sisters hug even tighter. We're most likely choking the air out of one another, but we don't care.

Almost like we are one person, we all shout in unison bye as if the urgency of the words was vital. It was desperate. One of the last words we said to her...and it was a simple goodbye.

Cyphrus and Serenity head down the stairs with Serenity lifting her skirts daintily as not to get them dirty.


Down the main stairs went Cyphrus and Serenity, into the foyer with a regal heir. "You go on ahead, I'll catch up." Cyprus said dismissively walking to the chief guards chamber.

"Okay..." Serenity replied determined not to let a note of uncertainty into her voice.

"Donald, while I am gone everything has to go as plan, and if it doesn't you shall be sent to the Mountain. Do you understand?" Cyphrus' voice was no more than a whisper, a soft purring laced with something evil.

"Yes my liege, I...I will do my best." He replied with frightful eyes.

"It better be." Cyphrus replied disdainfully as he stalked back in the direction of the coach.

Are you ready my queen?" Cyphrus said stepping into the carriage, facing his new ruler.

"More than I'll ever be." Serenity said with a smile and a gleam in her eye.

"Okay, off we go!" he commanded. The driver snapped the reins and the horses whinnied. They were off.

The sisters watched them leave the royal court from afar, the coach traveling at a steady pace down the hills and through valleys until they were more than tiny dots.

~-~-~-~Susan's Departure~-~-~-~

"I am here to escort the snow Queen to her palace." He bows, apologetically, seeing as he came in on a family moment.

"Goodbye sisters. I hope to see you all again soon." Susan said almost formally while Tina and Sarah hugged her savagely.

"Much love. Be safe your majesty." Tina said with a faint laugh and waving her sister off.

"Be safe dears." She walked off, taking in the castle she'd known and lived in for so long. She was going to miss it. So many lives had started and ended here, the great halls of and the gates of those doors. So many kin, she'll never see again.

"Here you are miss." The guard said helping her into her coach. Susan waves at her sisters once more, yearning to catch a glimpse of them.

"I'm going to miss everyone. Won't you Sarah?" Sarah looks at her younger sister sadly. She's the eldest and showing any sign of weakness, that wouldn't be a good example for Tina. She must be strong.

"Of course I'll miss my sisters, but we can always talk and send letters." Sarah wipes Tina's eyes and waves off to Susan once more. This is the way she must be.

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Tina and Sarah both wait to be taken to their castles. Susan gives everything another glance then decides that she shouldn't turn around again for fear of running to her bed, plunging into the covers and never be heard from again.

~-~-~-~Tina's Goodbye~-~-~-~

Tina sits next to Sarah. She hopes that she'll be the last one that's called. Things never really did go her way, though. She was quite unlucky really. She closes her eyes. A random image popped into her head. Something was coming straight for the palace. A ship? I couldn't let anything happen to the kingdom. A voice snapped her back to reality. Sadness filled her wake.

Guard: "Her majesty of the Water country. Your chariot awaits you. This way please."

Sarah: "Goodbye, sister. Have safe travels." Tina hugs her sister again. Her mind is in a lot of different places, but she knows that one thing is true, she's going to miss her sisters deeply.

"Goodbye. I love you." Tina chokes while Sarah nods at her.

"Here you are." The guard says while he takes her hand and places her safely on a leather sofa in the carriage.

Thoughts were overflowing in her head. Regrets, sorrows, goodbyes. She'd tried to save- Tina takes a gulp and looks around the kingdom, trying to keep her mind focused on different things.

"I thought I'd be the last to go." She sighs and looks down at the tiny chariot taking her youngest sister away. Receding in the distance.

Tina felt like she could see a tiny image of a person in the window where Sarah was. There was no way to tell now. She looked ahead at the docks that'd take her to her new home.

~-~-~-~Sarah's Farewell~-~-~-~

"Father, I must go and take care of my kingdom." "Yes my dear Sarah, do what I have fought for you to do." He said with a smile as if he were reflecting on good times. "Thank you father for everything, and give mother a goodbye kiss as I would give to her!" Sarah's voice filled with emotion and tears left sticky tracks down the sides of her face.

"My queen, its time." The guard said with somewhat of a reluctant approach. His voice sounded truly regretful and sad. "Goodbye father." She turned to look at him once more then walked slowly out the door.

"Goodbye my child." he replied in almost a whisper as the doors closed, sealing him from his daughter once more.

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The end of Part 2 of Episode 1.