Percy dodged left, as a flaming blullet whisked by his ear. He ducked, rolling down the small valley, and stopping behind a large oak tree. He shimmied up it's tall, broad trunk. A stick poked him in the eye, but he kept moving. Slowly but gradually, hand by hand, he worked his way to the top.

Gritting his teeth, he planted his feet firmly onto a branch. He looked out across the large waistland. And then he spoke, "A dream lived, is only a dream lived if-"

"CUT!" Yelled an angry faced man. He pointed to a camera man. 

"YOU THERE- what's your name?" The camera man blushed and quietly said his name.

"I. CANNOT. HEAR. YOU!" The angry faced man screamed. The camera man spoked up, "Sir my name is Williams, Phill Williams."

The man, who according to his jacket was the director, sniffed at him.

"Well, Williams, Phill Williams," He made finger quotes, "you just caused MY heart some serious grief. Do you know what you did?" His voice was dangerously quiet. 

Williams, Phill Williams, shook his head. "No sir I do not." The director pressed his mouth right up against Williams, Phill Williams ear. His warm breath slinking down his neck.

He whispered, "As you are well ware of in shot 562, roll film 87, the camera angle is at 30 degrees." He paused. "If you had done your studying last night, you would know that YOUR CAMERA GOES AT 80 DEGREES! What do you have to say for yourself?" His face red he punched his finger into Phill's face. 

Williams, Phill Williams stared straight ahead, "Sir no excuse sir." 

"That's right Williams, no excuse indeed. I don't tolerate slackers, and EVERYONE LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU. I DO NOT TOLERATE SLACKERS!" He screamed it to the top of the building.

Phill flinched and looked at his feet, gripping his camera tightly. 

"Williams" The director said in a sing-song voice. 

"Yes sir?" He said hesitantly. 

Angry-faced-director-man leaned in close again, taking his camera away, and then whispered very quietly, "you're fired."

With that he stood up and walked away.

Phill Williams stood there for a moment, watching his camera get carried away. All he had every wanted to do was be a camera man, especially for a movie that would be as good as this. But instead, he walked out the door.

Percy stood up in the faux tree, watching all this. He was overcome with emotion. 

The director looked up at him, "PERCY CONTINUE FROM SCENE 35!" He yelled up. Percy considered throwing a fake pinecone down on his head, but he said the line anyway.

"A dream lived, is only a dream lived if that person if truly willing to stand up for themselves." 

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