Ops is known to be the queen of the Titans. She was born to Gaea and Uranus, she was also the wife of Saturn and the mother of Pluto, Vesta, Ceres, Neptune, Jupiter and Juno. Her Greek counterpart is Rhea, sometimes confused with Rhea Silvia, mother of Romulus and Remus.

Vital statistics
Title Queen of Titans

Titan of Fertility and Motherhood

Current Age Immortal
Gender Female
Family Gaea - Mother

Uranus - Father

Saturn - Husband

Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter - Sons

Vesta, Ceres and Juno - Daughters

Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Affiliation Titans
Status Immortal
Weapons Unknown
Home Mt. Othyrs


  • Ops is known to be the 'mother' of the gods.
  • A moon of the planet Saturn, is named after her Greek counterpart.

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