As many of you may know Octavian is one of the more "special" Romans with his hate to the Greeks and his hunger for power within Camp Jupiter, but do you really know what his plans are.I have been doing a lot of research and discovered about the true Octavian. Back in the Roman days Gaius Julius Caeser had an adopted son who was Octavian. When he got assassinated Octavian got furious and battled for control over Rome. Once he came into rule he appointed himself as the first emperor of Rome (this also started Mars Ultor.Mars meaning the god of war Ultor meaning revenge in latin.) Now if we look at Camp Jupiter he is trying to do the same,trying to take over Rome,but its impossible you might say. Well yes it should be because he died a long time ago,bu Gaea most likely made a deal with him saying if you break up the trust with Romans and the Greeks you will be emperor of Rome. Thus why he hates the Romans and doesn't trust them at all he wants to break them up.

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