Terra doesn't usually sleep on plastic unicorns, but this little adventure of hers was taking drastic measures. Rubbing her eyes groggily, she swung her leg over to dismount the tiny horse. Terra let out a yelp as her foot missed and her body awkwardly crashed to the ground. She didn't have to be embarrassed, her team was still sleeping. Terra surveyed their shelter for the night, it had been raining so they ran into the fairgrounds last night. Seeking shelter, they finally found the carousel. The platform on which the miniature horses rode on was wet from the rain, so they each mounted their own horses. 

Terra cupped her hands to her mouth, "EVERYONE UP!" She yelled. Terra watched appreciatively as people fell of their horses and onto their feet. Yelling does wonders, she smiled to herself. "So when are we going to find this," the boy made finger quotes, "cave of legend?" Terra rolled her eyes, she couldn't believe Reyna chose this weakling to go on the mission with them. She would have to have a word with the praetor. Terra looked the boy up and down, annoyed. He had stick-out teeth and bones, a sharp nose and piercing blue eyes underneath his mop of military style hair. 

She took a deep breath, "Reyna and the goddess Venus have told us that we must travel far and wide." She paused. "We cannot expect that one clue will just come walking up to us." CLANG! Terra froze. "Everybody hide," she whispered to the other soldiers of Rome. Everyone silently scooted behind the bushes skirting the carousel. Terra gripped her knife that she kept in her girdle, and tiptoed up the front gate. A shadowy figure was silently approaching the carousel. Terra squinted, trying to make out individual features. From a distance she could tell it was a man, but as it got closer she saw him from a different perspective. 

His body was long and thin, and his face consisted of wrinkles. Terra remembered what her mom would tell her, "the more the wrinkles, the wiser." 

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