Lynx Avangeline is Roman demigod daughter of Bellona (Roman Goddess of War). She is a centurion in the second cohort, and has the honor of bearing their eagle displayed on a stand.


Lynx has the blessing of Bellona, meaning she can call upon a shield of protection twice in her lifetime. When she uses this power, the two tattoos on her face will disappear one at a time. She has dark black hair, that is naturally wavy and light brown eyes. She always wears a string of green pearls around her neck, the meaning is unknown but they are of great value to her.


Lynx led a normal life, before she knew she was a demigod. Her path to the Wolf House, was more difficult than most, as she was kidnapped by the Titans on her way there. They used her to plan strategies for them, fed her very little and tortured her for fun. She was never the same cheerful girl she had been since then. She escaped, on a revolt of a few other demigods, a son of Jupiter crashed the roof with lightning and she fought through swarms of monsters. A daughter of Lupa, called on their wolf friends, who took care of the rest and took Lynx to the Wolf House. The son of Jupiter didn't make it, as he was poisoned from a manticore's thorn impaling in him. Lynx never was quite the same after that, but arrived at Camp Jupiter and was honored by other demigods.


Lynx harbors a stronge loathing to the Titans and is sometimes ill tempered. She normally has the best in mind for people, but is a battle strategist and doesn't normally show mercy. She loves to be up in the sky, because it is the only place she can think.