Liza Lynn
Win or Won there's no Losing
Vital statistics
Title The Daughter of Minerva
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Family My dearest friend Cory
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Navy
Affiliation {{{affiliation}}}
Status Alive
Weapons Enchanted Sword
Home CJ/Smiths Mansion

The Youngen yearsEdit

I lived in Queens for most of my life. I didn't know anything but my part of New York. I wasn't shy but easily vexed as a youngen. Everyone, including my parents knew better then to mess with me, because once I was angry my violent side came out. None of my parents knew why. I know ti was dangerous here, but it seemed even more so to me. I was always in a heap of trouble and when I told my parents about the things that messed with me they wouldn't listen, causing me to be more upset. My stepmom hated my guts. I was too straight forward and smart for her. She thougth I was too sneaky and such. Well DUH ugh I hated her~!!!! When I almost chopped off her head with a kitchen knife everyone had given up on me. My dad was fool and hadn;t told his wife what my deal was. He didn't want to bring up his past and I was a huge part of that. He'd sent me off to this camp on the other side of the world. He chose his wife over me and for that I could never forgive him. HIs wife thought it more an asylum, but my dad explained it all to me, then left me there. I was eight years old for crying out loud! How could I have possibly understood what the hell he was talking about. I didn't know anyone and no one wanted to know me, besides this one boy. He thought me different and said that we should be outsiders and friends. So we were. Cory became my bestfriend and I've known him ever since. We were inseperable and, unfortunately, shipped by the whole camp! I mean....I didn't like him like that but somehow we ended up going out when we were twelve. I mean the campers didn' treat us badly but most were like "I knew it!" Now Cory was heavily secretive I didn't find out he was cursed til we were eighteen and it was Aya's discovery. We broke up because he kept too many secrets and never wanted to talk. There was always something about his legs he didn't want to show. He never wore shorts or capris. Jeans in the summer and spring. Now I know why...we broke up when we were seventeen and he ran away a year later.

How did I get caught up in this?Edit

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