The rain fell softly, pitter-pattering against their small home in New Roms. The four April sisters stayed cozy in the living room, coddled in warm blankets. 

"Christmas just won't be the same without presents," fifteen-yesr-old Annabeth complained to no one in particular. Across the room, Piper, the eldest sister, sighed in agreement.

"It isn't very fun being poor." 

"It isn't fair that some people have fancy rich things, while other's don't have any at all," moaned Bianca, who at twelve was the youngest. 

Thirteen-year-old Hazel chirped happily "but we have a mother and father who love us very much, and we always have eachother." Her words cheered up the others a little bit more. 

"Father's been gone forever, and we don't know if he will ever come back." Annabeth pointed out critically. 

Piper sighed again, "this is going to be a hard coming up winter for everyone, we shouldn't be spoiled with presents when so many men are suffering in the war. We should make sacrafices!" But even as she said these kind words, she still longed for pretty things at Christmas. 

Annabeth pointed out, "We all have only a dollar each and that's not going to help any army much."

TBD maybe

Piper as Meg

Annabeth as Jo

Hazel as Beth

Bianca as Amy  

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