Lala Rutherford
Vital statistics
Title The intern of Death
Current Age 8
Gender Female
Family Yuzuki the rabbit/Aya
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Affiliation Underworld
Status Dead
Weapons Death Scythe
Home Hell

Innocence GoneEdit

Little Lala grew up back in the 1800's where nothing went her way. She had to go to school with pests that made fun of her because she had purple hair and eyes. Her mother didn't pay enough attention to her, no one did and that was their downfall. Lala harbored a great evil inside of her. Her godly parent was unknown but it was obvious it was someone powerful and evil. She'd always been happy with herself and loved woodland creatures, which was strange because she was a killer. Ah yes that's right an eight year old murderer. One terrorizing night Lala got up from her cot. She knew her whole town had a sleeping schedule. The whole town was fast asleep. She grabbed a few torches and firecrackers. Her little quaint town would BURN and she'd make sure of it, make sure that everyone was damned and perished. She started to set the small town ablaze and lights in peoples homes turned on. Screams echoed down the small streets as Lala makes her way to her school. The worst place of all. She sets it ablaze and sits in the middle of the chaos. She watches everything burn around her including herself. She doesn't scream, she's too brutal for that but instead smiles and prays to Death to make it hurt the worst. Fear nor pain would factor in this eight year olds ending life. Her dying wishes were to make sure there were no survivors. She was never innocent to begin with.

Fields Of PunishmentEdit

I totally expected to be sent here of all places but never in my 200 years of being here did I imagine that Death himself would want me as his intern. His intern? His intern of Death. He wanted to replace his newer intern that was leaving soon named Aya. Whatever this guy is friggin scary as hell. I think I might need a new pair of underwear...CRAP I'm acting like a complete child right in front of him and Aya. They think I'm a little kid who can't defend herself~! *changing underwear* But I still have the mind of an eight year old unfortunately. Ugh this needs to be fixed some intern I am!

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