Light Smith

Child of Athena ~ Camper

"When the world is yours to take, do not do it alone."


Light ~ Son of Neptune
    ~ ~~~~~


Light is usually described as an easy going type of person, he's fun to hang out with and loves to surf whenever he can. Though he's easy going, he loves to have a good fight, and if you try to pick a fight with him, he'll instantly fight back, no matter who you are. Some call him 'a cat' due to his ability to sleep through everything and everywhere, Light has a certain darkness to him though, despite all the jokes and lightness around him, there is always that certain edge to him. One that could burn the world down if he chooses.

Life at Camp


Future Plans/Missions

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Name Info
Full Name: Light Alexander Smith
Pronunciation: Li-te
Meaning: Bright
Nicknames: None
Born: April 1, 1996
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Basic Info
Gender: Male
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Bicurious
Relationship: Single
Native Language: English
Accent: Neutral
Languages Spoken: English

General Info
Fears/Phobias Scared of heights
Hobbies He loves to surf, and plays the violin
Things he Won't Do He won't sacrifice other people.
Person They Secretly Admire
Most Influenced By
Moral Compass Almost always north
Most Important Person Before Ella
Most Important Person Now
Reacts to a Crisis? Calmly
Faces his Problems? head on
Reacts to Change use to it
Alignment Camp, anyone is lucky to reach his friendship
Dream Job Be preator
Current Job Centurio


History & Family



Dianna met Neptune in New York at a festival and got into a conversation, eventually he asked Neptune out on a date and after a few dates she found out she was pregnant but couldn't find Neptune so she left to a house she owned in the mountains to raise Light, but he was first named Will but later on he changed it.

He grew up with his mother in the middle of mountains beside a sparkling blue lake, his mother from a young age taught him nearly everything to know, from Spanish to how to shoot a gun, and he loved his mother very much, but being as social as he was, he yearned for company his age and when he was nine, and his mother on his many business trips leaving him by himself, he was left because there was nothing nearby, no wild animals, and to far from any civilization for thieves but yet Light found a mansion only an hour’s walk from his house, the house consisted of two twins, both girls, their mother was dead and mother rarely home and maids took care of them. He spied on them every opportunity he had, just out of curiosity, he hid in the surround forest whenever his mother was out, but he always made sure he finished the work his mother left him before he did so.

Eventually one of the twins, named Sophie found him when the two were playing hide and seek and Light introduced himself and showed her where he lived, and Sophie warmed up to him. He was introduced to Valentine, the other twin and the three became inseparable, and the maids eventually found them but let it go as they were kids.

On his tenth birthday he was with his mother learning about the Greek Gods, when two people kicked the door open, the door smashed on the hinges and crashed into the room with guns, they introduced themselves as the Darkwood’s right hand, but didn't explain on what the Darkwood was but they looked human but were huge and were dressed with huge trench coats and wide brimmed hats, and Light was unable to see their features, Light's mother pushed Will into the hallway knowing exactly who they were, screaming for Light to run which will did, as he was faithful and loyal to his mother so he did exactly that but he heard him scream and the gun shot and the blood splattering on the walls.

For the next hour Light wandered the forest, hoping to get away from the men and he still doesn't know if they did follow him, but he was unable to think of what to do now, he was in mourning already, already accepting his mothers death. Finally he got the conclusion to go to Sophie and Valentine but when he arrived he found Sophie in tears and Valentine shot in the temple, he stole food from the well stocked kitchen and without a good bye to Sophie ran thinking it was probably for the best that she stays behind.

He found a village but it was at night and thugs grabbed him off the street and sold him to a slave trading ship where, because he was the smallest, he was picked on frequently. The other children would abuse him and tied him up so he could not get his two meals a day. However this allowed him to realize that their captors had been drugging the food and drink. Soon Light noticed the other kids going insane. Shortly after they began to go insane the ship ran into a storm and was destroyed and he barely escaped with his life and drifted ashore to America. Light walked inland to find food and collapsed from exhaustion before he was found by a young woman named Jane who took him to her little village. She claimed it was because she had a younger brother and sister about his age.

Jane took him in and gave him the name "Light" when he said that he had no name as she believed there was a spark of light in him which was clouded by darkness. She added him in to her family of four, including her younger twin siblings, Michael and Georgina, and grandfather. He lived with them for a period of time, he often spent time reading and learning how to fight. During this time, he grew to care for them and wanted to find a way - legal or not - to repay them. Later on, Jane fell in love with a man, named Damien, who gave her "nutritional supplements" for the twins which she mixed into their food, which they needed as they were poor. Damien is responsible for the deaths of Jane and Georgina.

Light strongly advised her "I'll do something about the money, so don't see that guy anymore!" because he didn't trust him or the 'supplements', and even Michael had begun to suspect something. Jane was touched by his kindness but refused, saying that if it was just her then she couldn't protect her family. Jane was later killed by Damien, who murdered her because she let Michael take Georgina's piece of the supplement. After this Light left the village to start his life of crime without telling anyone why. At one point, Michael went after him to convince him to come back but Light threatened him and told him to leave.

Despite the bad memories it held, Light determinedly stayed in their village. Light's real goal was to get enough money to pay for the grandfather's hospital fees, but he did not tell the twins of this goal, causing many misunderstandings between them. Light, however, considered it better this way as he would not have to worry about them getting hurt. Light joined a band of theives and began to rob corrupted people to pay off hospital bills for Jane's grandfather. He never said if he is really rich, because he definitely gave a large amount to support the sickly old man. Eventually he was found by Lupa and was trained and taught how to really fight, though he could fight, he could fight much more better now and he was sent to camp jupiter at the age of 17.

Family Info
Father: Neptune
Mother: Dianna
Half-Siblings: Children of Neptune
Full Siblings: No full siblings
Other Relatives: Ella, Sophie

Early Childhood Info/Firsts
Hometown: WIP
Earliest Memory: WIP
Schooling: homeschooled
First Kiss: N/A
First Sex: N/A
First Love: WIP
Other Firsts: WIP

"I’m a dyslexic dancer. Instead of leading the women, I follow. Quick, cab driver, follow that woman!


General Appearance/Model
Model Sean O'Donnell
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Black
Height 5 foot 8
Weight 130 LBS
Ethnicity Caucasian
Handedness Right Handed
Shoe Size 10
Blood Type WIP
Voice Light and sweet
Eye Sight 20/20
Health Status Well
Clothing Style All kinds of clothes
Distinguishing Marks A scar on his wrist where he cut himself when he was young.
Body Style Toned

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Abilities & Weapons

Skills & General Abilities
Skills Flirting, getting on people's nerves, wrestling, fighting.
Weapon of Choice Rapier
Strengths WIP
Weaknesses WIP
Missions Led One
Missions Been On One


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Oodles More Information

Likes He likes music as well as novels, and can be usually seen playing the piano, or surfing.
Dislikes He doesn't exactly like flying.
Colour Blue
Music He likes too much music
Food WIP
Animal ~
Book ~
Quote ~-~-~
Drink Slushy/smoothie type drinks
Song Way too many songs
Movie None
Sport Football
Other Favs WIP

Vices Sleeps to much
Bad Habits Flirting at the wrong times
Sleeping Habits Sleeping through anything
Attitude Confident, cheerful
Talents WIP
Social Skills He prides himself on her social skills.

One Word to Describe Confident
Best Physical Trait WIP
Worst Physical Trait WIP
Things to Change About Self WIP
Mental State Happy, confident
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Emotional Stability Rock solid
Medical Problems/Ailments None

Life & Attitude
Most at Ease When? When Around people that he likes,
Priorities Himself
Past Failures Letting Ella die
Biggest Accomplishment Making it to camp
Darkest Secret Ella and his mothers death.
Secret Known by Anyone? No one
Personal Tragedy His mother's death and Ella's
One Wish
Character Flaw



His Motorcycle



He lives in the third cohort



How he Relates to Others
Ever Cheated? No
Relates to Others? flirtingly well
Perceived by Strangers Confident
Perceived by Lover Sweet
Perceived by Friends Cheerful, confident, smartass
Perceived by Family
First Impression Confident and smart ass
Family/Friends Like Most? His mother
Family/Friends Like Least

Relationship List
Name Relation Feelings
Dianna Mother Misses her too much
neptune Father I don't want to go into him.

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