Please note that there is a difference between civilian criminal offenses and military criminal offenses. Military criminal offenders will firstly be presented before a military court making up of the Duces Legionis (Legion High Command) before the verdict is decided on (Only for major offenses, minor may be applied any time and anywhere so long as it is justified).This guide is to help officers (Signifers, Centurions, Optiones and higher) understand what they are entitled to do in order to discipline their soldiers. Soldiers in the legion should take great care that they understand what will happen and the consequences of their actions. As in Riordan's Universe, Camp Jupiter was no place for unorderly legionnaries and as such, punishments should be expected to be more severe than if it were Camp Half-Blood. The following lists are incomplete and other offenses will be added later. However it is stressed that for major offenses players will not be forced to kill off their characters and rather, there will be another faction [Open to the community later once there are enough people] for those characters to go to if they wish. The Vitis/Flog was only used by officers in the legion, not the common soldier.

Minor OffensesEdit


Be it any item, person or animal that they steal, once found convicted of the crime, they are to recieve anywhere from 3-6 lashes using a Vitus (A short wooden stick often used for disclipine) or a Flog (Basically a whip).

Harassment (Sexual or Physical)Edit

Be it attempted rape, rape, or just plain out beating each other, anywhere from 5-7 lashes (7 Maximum) using a Vitis or Flog will suffice.

Major OffensesEdit


Murder is not tolerated in any military or civilian capacity and as such, murder within the ranks of the Legion will be treated harshly. Any where from 10-25 lashes with a Vitis or Flog may be applied. In extreme cases, crucifixion or tying the perpetrator (the murderer) in a sack and dumping them into the Little Tiber will be used.

Breaking Formation:Edit

One of the worst things a legionnary can do in battle is to break formation (In training, this offense will result in 5-7 lashes). Be it that they run off to attack enemies or simply flee the battlefield. In battle, this exposes your comrades to attack and well-placed missile attacks (not literally missiles but missiles as in javelins, arrows and rocks) or enemy charges/counter-charges can severely endanger the lives of your comrades. For breaking formation, 10-25 lashes should suffice but fleeing is contradictory to the Sacrementum Miltare (the Military Oath) and as such, crucifixion, 15-30 lashes (if they survive the beating they may be subject to demotion), or flat out execution may be the consequence

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