Jaz is a daughter of Trivia, Roman form of Hecate, Goddess of Magic, Crossroads, and Dark Places.

Jaz Duchannes
Vital statistics
Title The Daughter of Trivia

The Demigod Caster

Current Age 16
Gender female
Family Hunting Ravenwood(father)

Trivia (mother)

Lena Duchannes (cousin)

Ridley Duchannes (cousin)

Macon Ravenwood (uncle)

Reece Duchannes (cousin)

Ryan Duchannes (cousin)

Delphine Duchannes (aunt)

Hair Color black
Eye Color Light-Caster green
Affiliation Olympus
Status Alive
Weapons Imperial Gold Dagger; Caster Magic; Roman Magic
Home Camp Jupiter(primarily)

Ravenwood Manor (occasionally)


Jasmine was sent to Camp Jupiter shortly after her birth by her mother Trivia, because neither she nor her father wanted her. She grew up unclaimed at Camp Jupiter. She was claimed on her sixteenth birthday, but mainly becauseof Percy Jackson's agreement with the gods that everyone must be claimed. (for more see The Daughter of Trivia, Sybil, and Mirrors)


Jaz is angered easily, but is usually nice (at least to her friends). She is good friends with Stella Michaelson, and sincerely hates Alison Jaser. She gets along very well with her family on her father's side, especially her cousin Reece.


Jaz has the powers of a child of Hecate, as well as the powers of a Caster. She is a Sybil Caster, meaning she can tell whenever people are lying just by looking at their faces.


(In Chronological Order)

The Daughter of Trivia



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