There's this old saying, it goes back to a couple centuries ago. It reads: April Showers bring mayflowers. And you know what else April brings? Along with the rain it brings hope. The grass grows greener and the butterflies and ladybugs take to the air.

But there is one other thing. Rainbows, the shimmering colorful arched roads in the sky! The glistening gleaming springs, as new life breaks free from their caged eggs. New animals, new lambs and butterflies that will take flight in a matter of days.

This is the season of hope. 

I'm a girl that see's the cup as "glass half full." I'm the positive one, the supporter and the one that will cheer people up. I live off seeing people smile. So, my question: Why can't I be a demigod?

My name is Lilly and I'm eight. My step-brother is a demigod, so why don't I get to be? My momma is mortal, and so is my poppa. I watch them over at Camp Jupiter, from over the top of the gate. Training, fighting one another and generally having a great time.

Protecting us. 

I want to do that. I want to protect everyone, I want to keep seeing their smiles forever. An infinity.

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