What if Percy had gone to the ocean instead of going to Camp Jupiter?

"You must choose. Go the ocean where you can live out your life without worry or go the other direction in which you will surely be more painful."

Percy's journey would have been harder than most.

Percy glanced behind him and sprinted for the sealine. Almost there.

"You can run but you can't-AHHHH!" Beano the gorgon faceplanted on the highway. Stheno screeched in annoyance and dragged her sister out if the way of a large semi.

Percy took on last look at the highway, the tunnel and the cliff he'd just fallen down. Then with a gulp he jumped into the sea.

Percy was instantly engulfed in numbness. A wave of bubbles followed as well, tickling his skin as he sunk like a stone. Farther down, He willed the currents. Farther away.

Farther away from what though? The gorgons? What about Annabeth?

He needed to know where Annabeth was. He remembered some sort Or a camp...he and Annabeth had definitely met at a camp.

Maybe it didn't have to be what that crazy old lady said. He could still find her from here. He would never stop looking.

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