Holocaust Demigod~Rise to Power


Adolf Hitler stood by his window, looking down at the cities below. So small, and helpless. He lifted his arm and made a smashing gesture with his hand.

His secretary, Alicia, entered the room , a blonde woman with wire rimmed spectacles. In her hands, was a folder of documents and papers. " have a meeting with Germany. Are you prepared to give your speech?"

Hitler turned around, turning his cold black obsidian eyes on his secretary.

"Alicia, have you ever known me to not be ready?" He turned back to the window, touching his left hand to the weapon concealed at his side. Alicia bit her lip and nervously clutched her folder, crinkling the papers inside. " sir."

Hitler laughed coldly. "These Germans...they don't see the true plan behind this. Later in life, if they discover my treachery, they will say I wanted the world. They don't know what I want."

Alicia backed up, so her back was pressed to the door. She didn't dare turn the handle. She couldn't risk any noise. Maybe if she slowly opened it...her hand crept to the handle. Her boss was acting to odd lately.

"The Germans didn't know what I wanted. The world will never know what I wanted." He turned around and stared at her again, with those intense eyes, almost cat-like. "I want everyone in this world, Heaven and Earth dead, starting with the Jews." There was no threat or rise in his voice, just a calm soothing purr. 

Alicia dropped her folder and ran, fleeing down shadow filled halls. 

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