Holocaust Demigods



It's the year 1938, during World War II and the Holocaust has just started to spread. Every day the new threat grows. The stakes are high and the battle grows. Jews are being persecuted left and right by cruel Natzi's who will stop at nothing to get rid of them. "If the Jews were gone the world would be a better place." Pests' Vermin! Rats! This is the story of Jeremiah and Madison and their journey as demigods of the holocaust.

Characters (Major) Edit

Jeremiah Montgomery: He's quick on his feet and a rational thinker. 15 years old with reddish brown hair. Not always mistaken for a Jew.

Madison Walters: She's very smart and very religious. Medium length brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Always classified as a Jew to the surrounding public. 15 years old.

Mama Montgomery: Jeremiah's mom. Very sweet and collected. Brown hair and tan skin. Older, but adults don't share ages. Always classified as a Jew.

Fred Perkins: Old geezer who carries a cane like a sword. A fighter from World War I. Respected a little as a Jew for his services.

Danny Ides: 14 years old. Not quick to think and heavy with asthma attacks. Always classified as a Jew for his dark brown hair and dark eye color.

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