Hannibal is a war elephant that appears in The Son of Neptune. He lives at Camp Jupiter, and is taken care of by the demigods there.
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The Heroes of OlympusEdit

The Son of NeptuneEdit

When Hazel is showing Percy the layout of Camp Jupiter, she is interrupted by Hannibal as he thundered down the road towards a large, open field. He was wearing a bullet proof vest that said "Elephant" (Percy thinks this obvious) and Hazel says they are getting him ready for the War Games. The Fifth Cohort is placed on the attacking team and Hazel says they get the elephant, because the Fifth always loses.

During the game, Frank Zhang manages to breach the defending cohort's walls, and he and Percy take down most of the guards. Meanwhile, Hazel rode Hannibal into the fort taking down walls and large doors before breaking into the area with the symbol (like a flag). He is very emotional as well, as he becomes upset if he cannot participate in the war games at camp.

During the battle with Alcyoneus, Frank looks back on all the times he had to take care of Hannibal and uses his power to transform into an elephant. Hannibal is used later during the battle with Polybotes and his armies. It is noted his vest said "ant," with the rest being torn off during the battle. He becomes friends with Mrs. O' Leary, the hellhound.


Hannibal makes appearances in both the Son of Neptune, and Mark of Athena. He is also mentioned in House of Hades.


  • Elephants lack courage but they make up for that with strength and determination. 
  • Hannibal has a black bullet-proof Kevlar vest that has the word ELEPHANT written on it, which makes him very hard to injure, but gets damaged and after that it reads the word ANT ironically.
  • He is intolerant to peanuts. 
  • Able to storm through Roman fortresses


  • When Frank and Hazel are fighting Alcyoneus, Frank is inspired by his time taking care of Hannibal, and uses his familiarity with him to transform into an elephant.
  • Hannibal gets indigestion from peanuts.
  • He was named after Hannibal, a Carthaginian general who fought the Romans and in the words of their generals "taught us how to fight" refering to the tactics used. He also used elephants during his campaign against Rome
  • Hannibal the Conquerer used elephants to attack Rome in 203 BC., something considered until now one of the greatest war efforts of history.
  • Hannibal (Carthaginian General) is said to be Rome's deadliest enemy.
  • He's the only friend Mrs. O' Leary has who is the same size as her and he is someone she can "play rough with."