Listen you might think this is just a story made to scare new campers or show sometimes the fates are cruel. but no this is what happened to me my name Mathew scott and this is my story.


I was running away from a cyclops i had not ate in days and i was doubting my sanity. but i kept telling my self this real that the kid in armor was real before he was... well thats beside the point i was by a highway running by this tunnel then i saw them. Four teenagers all in red and silver armor all had shields two of the had large spears one had a bow and quiver and the other had a sword and shield. one of them with a spear and the only girl saw me and yelled they ran to me but the cyclops charged me and everything went dark.


When i woke up i was in a bed in a large room the same girl from earlier was in a bed to the left of me besides her no one was in their. she was fiddling with some bits of metal. then when she saw i was awake she said

Your awake bought time what were you thinking when you tried to fight that thing. i said i wasn't that thing was hunting me. and you dont seemed harmed cracked ribs genius. she replied then a guy came in So bout time you woke up . This may be odd but tell me what you see on this sheet. It was at first in some other language but then I knew i said long live Rome? Yep said the kid greatest empire and your new home.

but were in California not Italy. well said the guy yes and no sorta well first full name. Matthew scott . well Matt dont call me that i cut in. okay

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