The Georgia Aquarium, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is the world's largest aquarium. 

The Heroes of OlympusEdit


The Mark of Athena

Percy Jackson, Frank Zhang, and Coach Hedge arrived at the aquarium when they were looking for water in Atlanta because of a clue given to them. Once inside the museum, they met Keto and Phorcys. Keto who's nametag read "Kate" upon entrance insists on giving them the VIP tour. It was supposedly a nasty trick from the gods by sending the two gods to Atlanta, because they thought the gods had exiled them to "Atalantis." However, Keto shares facts with them and shows them rare mythological sea creatures with strange bubbly excitement. Phorcys calls his show the "Down in the Deep Sea" exhibit. While there, Phorcys tricks and traps Percy and Frank in a large tank and fills it up with water to add them to the show. He planned on making them fight monsters for entertainment.

However, Coach Hedge walked by and saw them trapped. Knocking out Keto he rushes to the tank and helps them break it by combining Frank's strength, Percy's determination to control the water in the tank and his own Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick. They flee in a hurry with Phorcys shouting as they run. Percy hesitates because there are many trapped sea creatures still there and he doesn't want to leave them. He comforts himself with a promise that he will come back and rescue them after the quest is done.

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