This Division is HunterofArtemis12's area of expertise. 

General Idea

I'm the oldest administrator, adopter of the wiki over two and a half years ago. I found this wiki, and thought it would be a good idea to rebuild it. 

I deal with up front things, conversing with other wikis, helping new users (and old), everything not code related or template related is my expertise.

You can always ask me for help, or just chat with me, I'm pretty laid back with that sort of thing. I know a little code, and I can do templates but 

it is not really my style, not something I exactly enjoy. I also run The Roman Eagle Fanfiction Contest monthly, and a few other things that I could

name but I'm not going to. I'm a huge Fanfictioner, that's my main interest for this wiki. I also Roleplay, but if you need help with that I can only tell

you the basics. I also made (and am hoping to do future ones) Camp Jupiter Imperial Awards which was an award ceremony to the hardest and best

users of 2013. 


I run the Fanfiction on this wiki, holding contests and etc. My rules for Fanfiction are that they must be Roman related in some way. Camp Jupiter,

demigods, anything in some way like that. We are not a Percy Jackson Fanfiction wiki, we are based off The Heroes of Olympus. 

Contact Information

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