1: IciclesEdit

I couldn't bring myself to sleep. The sky was awake and as was I. I removed my blankets from my bed and tip-toed out of my bedroom. How could I, Anna of Jupiter, possibly be tired? I mean, when the sky is lit up this way, it makes me almost lit with joy. I ran into my older sister, Khione's, room and hopped on her bed.

"Wake up!!" She gave a whimper and fanned me in the face.

"Go back to bed, Annabeth!"

"But, I just can't....can't we build a snowman?"

At this question, she lifted her face with a smile and nodded. I pulled her out of the room.

"This is gonna be so much fun!"

"Shhh, we don't want mom and dad to hear us, Anna."

I nodded and ran through our palace. Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that we're princesses! My sister, Khione, is next for the throne. She's a wee bit older than I. I also forgot to mention that she has ice powers and can make stuff freeze! She can even make it snow. As if sensing my thoughts, she made it snow in our great hall. I laughed and looked down at Khione, who was on the floor playing with a snowman. I  look down to her.

Her voice changed, "Hi, I'm Mrs. Oleary and I like warm hugs!" She played with her ears and made them move.

I laughed, of course a hell hound would like warm hugs. She made a fire demon dog out of snow! In Jupiter magical things use to be possible. Now, very few people have powers. Our gods kind of ruled it out, but my sister was special. She was considered a half blood. I don't like to get into it much. I reach down and hug the hell hound, made of snow and start to run around. My wild side was to the max and building a snowman always excites me~! Khione stood and looked at me, smiling. Her snow white hair was  all in her face and her big blue eyes stared at me, playfully.

"Khione! I bet you can't catch me!" I stick my tongue out and start to jump around. I could hear Khione yelling my name and for me to slow down, but there was nothing my sister couldn't handle! She made mounds of snow appear under my feet, so I wouldn't fall. I speed up, laughing and turn my head to my sister. I watch her slip and fall backwards on Mrs. Oleary. Her hand shoots up and ice comes right at my face. Maybe there are some things that she can't handle. This was something I never anticipated. The last thing I heard was mom and dads voice yelling to Khione, before my vision went dark.

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