Festus was an automaton dragon made by the Hepheastus cabin at Camp Half-Blood with the blessing of their father. Festus was made many years before the series began to defend the camp, but it went haywire after the death of Charles Beckendorf (Son of Hepheastus). 

Vital statistics
Title The Bronze Dragon
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Hepheastus cabin - Creators

Leo Valdez - Master

Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
Affiliation Camp Half-Blood
Status Broken
Weapons Fire
Home Camp Half-Blood

Percy Jackson & The OlympiansEdit

The Bronze DragonEdit

In the companion books, there is a short story involving Beckendorf, Percy Jackson, Silena and Annabeth Chase where the bronze dragon (no given name at the time) is disassembled and being carried away by monster ants. It was refereced in The Lost Hero that Beckendorf tamed the dragon after assembling the parts.

The Heroes of OlympusEdit

The Lost HeroEdit

Due to the dragons' rampage, the Capture the Flag games were postponed until it was tamed or caught and destroyed.

After Piper McLean was claimed, Leo Valdez left to find a means for transportation He then ended up being attacked by Festus. At first the two had a hard time of understanding each other due to Festus going haywire. He did fire flames at Leo but soon after Leo gained its trust, Festus took him to a secret bunker, that was later revealed to be a secret hiding place used during the Civil War. It was then later mentioned that they called it Bunker Nine.

Festus (now named by Leo) accompanies Leo, Piper and Jason Grace on their quest soon after being repaired by Leo and having wings attached. During their quest, Festus has his control disk frozen over, and crash lands in porta potty sludge. He is then shot to pieces by King Midas' laser beams. Leo recalls his father telling him in a dream, about reusing parts which he intends to do after he finishes his quest and starts building his ship from his 'Crayon Drawing of Destiny'.

The Mark of AthenaEdit

In The Mark of Athena, we clearly revisit Festus, although his body has been broken down, his head is the mast on the Argo II, reassuring us that Leo did reuse parts of Festus. The mast is also known as the first thing you see when viewing the boat from the front. Festus is a great help throughout the book as he scans for rare metals the ships needs to repair. It is noted he cooks enemies with his fiery breath.


  • As Jason said in The Lost Hero, 'Festus' means 'Happy' in Latin
  • It was mentioned in The Lost Hero that Charles Beckendorf was the only one able to reason with Festus without being burned. 
  • Leo would have burned when he first met Festus, if it wasn't for his immunity to fire. (Pyrokinesis)

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