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December EntriesEdit

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December ResultsEdit

Not posted. Will be posted here and on this page between December 31st-January 3rd. 

Archive of Older StoriesEdit

The stories listed below are just a few of the winning stories from the past. These are not all the stories that have been entered. Please see theRoman Eagle Fanfiction categories for a better list.

1. The Bob in Our Stars by SearchingforPaperTowns

The Battle Cry Of Freedom By AlienDark12

3. The Demicats: A Warriors and Percy Jackson Crossover by Silverwind of MountainClan

4. Doctor Who & Heroes of Olympus Crossover: Lost in Time by DanyYB and HunterofArtemis12

5. Synchronicity- A Heroes of Olympus and Vocaloid Crossover  by  Sibuna4evs

6. Sybil by Nickystellar

7. The Feral Prince by ElsatheDivergent Authors Note: Uh I don't know I just wanted to enter something sorry

8. Half-Blood Spies by BreeTownsHunter and DaughterofPoseidon14

9. Day of the Owls: A Doctor Who and Heroes of Olympus Crossover by HunterofArtemis12