Authors of stories will be able to write there story name here so anybody on the wiki can review it and write it here. Reviewers be aware if how the author wants to be reviewed i.e no negative comments.


1. User:TheBestDaysofUrLife wants The Demigod Trials Index story as far as the chapters are listed to be reviewed and given pointers. Does not want negativity instead encouragment and pointers. ;D

2. User: DaughterofPoseison14 wants Aella's Story: Becoming an Amazon some more ideas for her story. It is still in progress, and she's already getting bored with it. How can she make it more.. snappy?

3. User:Nickystellar wants Old Solutions, New Problems to be reviewed. Just 'cause. *shrugs*

4. User:TristheAnon wants The Last Man Standing to be reviewed so somone will give an honest opinion

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