Fanfiction Rules and Information!

There is a Q and A example, on the Home Page, but if you do have questions, please feel free to ask the admins.

You can create any story you like, about anything, with several chapters, however long you like. You can even use your Roleplay characters in a Fanfiction story. 

Disclaimer Notes: You do not have to write a disclaimer to Rick Riordan, as this is a Fanfiction Wiki, so it is automatically a disclaimer. 

Collaborating: Yes you can collaborate (share and write the same story with different useres and publish it together) and we highly suggest it! Chat, is a good place to chat with those users, as are their Message Walls. 

They must be related to Camp Jupiter, Roman demigods, Roman gods, or Ancient Rome in some way shape, matter or form! Some sort of relation is required.

You may also write Fan Fictions, about Rick Riordan's novels, The Kane Chronicles, The Heroes of Olympus, Percy Jackson & Olympians and other pantheon of gods. Please try to stick with Romans somewhere in your story! 

If you like Fanfiction Contests then see The Roman Eagle Wiki Fanfiction Contest for detail on our monthly contest, in which users compete for the grand prizes and write the best story!


Fanciftion soty

writing your story

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