Welcome Users!
✿On this page, leave both your username and custom emoticon in the comments.✿
The emoticon will be processed and than when saying "done" you will receive a message from an administrator with how to use the emoticon. You may have up to 2 custom emoticons, until further notice. Have fun hunting for emoticons!

If your emoticon is not finished within approximately 2 days, try sending a message to the Bureaucrats. There may have been an error. Send your message to DaughterofPoseidon14 .


comment: Hi my username is AlleyTHomsa, and I want the emoticon dive (as in pool.)

comment: Hi I'm Dark54, and I want a sword. 

comment: YesterYear, I want a clock. 

than- later in a peiod of less than a week- an admin would make your chart- going like this: 

User Name Emoticon Custom Status Command (enter in chat)

Diving Emoticon

Finished (dive)
Dark54 Sword On Hold (sword)
Yesteryear Clock Processing (clock)

See the complete emoticon listEdit

Emoticon pages (please refrain from editing)

(must have 100 edits, and been active for a month)

Contact your local Emoticon Custom Sign Up Team, if your emoticon is not processed within a week. Error 404 not received data may have occurred. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience. 

Completed Emoticons:Edit

Go ahead and comment below, get and order your own custom emoticon.

User Name Emoticon Custom Status Command (enter in chat) Date received Deletion
TimeLord15 Gun, Laser Finished  (gun), (laser) 2/3/14 No
Anon Karate fight Finished (karate) 2/4/14 Yes
The Stig 3136 Stig's head Finished (stig) 2/6/14 No
Bree 5678 Singing Finished (siffle), (sing), (sing2) 3/15/14


Silverwind of MountainClan Cat Finished (cat) 4/10/14 TBD for change
SELI-Chan Sonic Screwdriver Finished (sonic screwdriver) / (screwdriver) and try (tardis) for special emoticon 4/10/14 TBD for change
DaughterofPoseidon14 Volleyball and long jump Finished (volleyball) / (longjump) 4/10/14 No
Clonefanatic chocolate, popcorn, mother of god Finished (pcorn) and (mog) chocolate is already an emoticon 6/2/14 TBD for change
The Visitor Explosion Finished (explosions) 6/2/14 Yes
ElsatheDivergent Frozen (couldn't find much yet, still looking) Finished (snowflake) 8/2/14 Yes

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