NOTICE: This Roleplay Character is only semi-active!

Name: Elsa Night
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Godly Parent: Demeter
Cohort: 2

Tumblr mc77okw5hb1ru6eguo1 1280

on the right

Appearance: Elsa is very pretty and tall, she has long hair and stunning eyes. She normally wears pink, the color of bright flowers. 

Personality: Usually confident and gentle with her words. A good advisor but does not use violence. She is a peaceful soldier who almost always avoids violence and uses tactics to her advantage.

History:  Elsa's past was long and tragic. Her father passed away when she was eight (natural causes, he was very old) but her father was an honest good working man who taught Elsa the 5 steps to being a true kind person. 1) love your neighbor

2) be kind in all you do and say

3) a positive attitude makes everything better

4) doing without accepting thanks is a gift

5) whatever you do it should always be out of the heart (think before you say anything). Elsa went to stay with her aunt, like a second mother, who raised her just as kindly as her dad had and told her stories of Greek Mythology and when the Romans conquered. Elsa always felt like she could trust her aunt and that she was safe around her. Sometimes, they made up their own bedtime stories about mythology for fun, even later when she was much too old for bed time stories. At Elsa's 14th birthday party, her aunt locked her in the basement and did not return. Elsa was there for a day and three hours (as she had counted, or tried anyways). When the door finally opened, she found Lupa and her aunt was dead. Blood from monsters and monster dust was strewn on the floor, meaning her aunt had saved her from a sure death. Lupa promised Elsa that if she trained hard, she could fight the monsters and avenge her aunt. She left for the Wolf House with the she goddess and began her training. A month later plus a few days, Elsa arrived at Camp Jupiter and has been there ever since 

In any case it could be her mom again based on the godly parent
She does well with a javelin in any case.

ElsatheDivergent (talk) 14:36, November 21. 2014 (UTC)


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