(Note: This story is not canon to anything, but its character, Bryce, later known as Zon, will appear later in Thank's stories.)

"Diana's Chosen"

Tribute to Zon

By Thank

Bryce sits in the middle of the meadow. He's been walking for days now, non stop. He's run into a lot of monsters on the way, none stood a chance.

Although he only wielded a makeshift bow, a bent tree brench a vine, his heritage as legacy of Apollo gave him superior marksmanship. Thankfully he's found some Imperial Gold sticks, along his path in the Junkyard of the gods, to use as arrows. Its not much, but he can manage. 

And he sits there, hungry and tired. He'd kill an animal and eat it, but he can only find giraffes in this meadow. Even if he has to die, Bryce would never kill a giraffe. They are his favorite animals. He would rather die.

Suddenly, though, he spots an object running in super speed in the distance. He smiles. It could a speeding deer, or anything but a giraffe!

So he stands up, and activates his father's gift... Miraclously, he can turn into a wild monster, an orange muttt-like creature with no eyes, fish-like gills, powerful muscles, steel bending claws and some mean fangs. He sets his front claws to the ground, and contracts his back legs' muscles...

And soon, before you know it, Bryce runs off in agile speeds down the hill, tearing through the ground with his proud claws. And soon he has tackled down the figure.

Oh-uh. He silently curses himself for not using his acute senses...

In front of him lays a human girl in hunter clothes, in her 12-14 years old shape. Not just a mere hunter...

A hunter of Artemis.

He curses himself again, and suddenly senses an incoming projectile. He swiftly leaps off, and the arrow hits empty ground. He lands on the hill, and rapidly begins to run off. Arrows keep following him, and he swiftly dodges with all his might. He locates a forest in the distance and carelessly runs into it.

Bryce has basically angered the Hunters of Artemis by pouncing on one of them, and along with them.... gods forbid, maybe Artemis herself.

He ran and ran


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