Only today, Emperor Jason vi Britannia prepared the execution of Norse, Roman, and Greek demigods along with many other of his rivals.

"We hereby execute these horrific terrorists as a justice to our nation. Britannia's glory is created by Emperor Jason."

"Glory in your face. This is tyranny," said one person.

"Quiet or else he'll annihilate your entire clan."

Three Vincent Wards came forward and aimed their assault rifles at the prisoners.

The knight Zero was seen and his name was muttered throughout the crowd of watchers.

Zero ran past everything and got to Jason and plunged his sword into the emperor. Jason threw back his head. Blood welled out of his wound and mouth.

"Jason?", said Zero, who was actually Suzaku.

" The Zero Requiem has been completed Suzaku. But as a punishment, you no longer shall be Suzaku Kururugi. You shall wear the mask of Zero forever. "

Zero withdrew his sword from Jason and he fell forward towards Nunally.

"Jason? Open your eyes please. I can't bear a life without you.

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