David Garcia
Vital statistics
Title Son of Mercury
Current Age 19
Gender Male
Family Mercury - Father

Ms. Garcia - Mother

Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Camp Jupiter (Later betrayed) Camp Half-Blood
Status Alive
Weapons Imperial Gold Dagger
Home Camp Half-Blood

Early LifeEdit

David was best friends Andrew and later learned from their moms that they were the children of gods. They were soon sent to the Wolf House to be trained by Lupa. A hellhound appeard,though Andrew thought they got into a TV show. David,knowing it was real,sliced the hellhound in half with a dagger he found.

Battle of Camp Half-BloodEdit

David came into the Roman's base of operations in Manhattan while they prepare for a war against the Greeks. Andrew trys to get the Romans to end the fight between the other camp,only to be declared a traitor by Octavian. David sides with Andrew,and they start a rebellion against their former camp. Andrew is fatally injured by Octavian,after he took a knife meant for a 12 year old demigod. They rebels escaped,with Andrew suicide bombing the building using Greek fire and they soon get to Camp Half-Blood with information about the Roman's plans.

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