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Name: Crystal Greenfield

Age: 14

DOB: 4th April

Species: Demigod (later becomes a hunter of Artemis)

Godly Parent: Apollo

Mortal Parent: Denise Greenfield

Friends: barely anyone

Enemies: only Clarisse and that

Powers: none that she knows of as of yet

Crush: no one :(

Personality: Crystal is kind and caring though she does get moody often. She was very rarely in school and she kept things hidden away from Skye and Sophie. She doesn't understand how she effects others who care for her when she tells the person who doesn't t care for her things. She does have a dark side to her however, and she isn't very trustworthy at all. 

Status: Alive


- good at archery

- scared of clowns, bugs and the dark

- lies to Skye and Sophie

- untrustworthy

Featured in: Another Demigod

Want to find out more? Let me know.

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