Annabeth Chase fell in love with the boy from the coffee shop the winter she turned 16. It was something about him that intrigued her, the way his sea green eyes fixed on hers with a strangely gentle yet fierce intensity. How he moved his arms, muscles pulling taught as he fixed her the pumpkin spice frappe. The endearing way he grinned and slid the cup to her with a cute little: "Order up!" And she couldn't forget the fact that everytime she went in he would leave a new note on her cup. He'd taken to calling her Wise Girl at the beginning of all his coffee messages, he said because she was always studying books when she came into the shop. "Don't you have books to study? Colleges to apply for?" Annabeth had asked, smiling slightly. "Nah," he'd shrugged. "I'd rather go surfing. Once I get some more money I can help out my mom and we can move somewhere better." Annabeth had cracked an even bigger smile at that. "Your a Seaweed Brain," she'd concluded handing him her money. "But your hearts in the right place."

The boy had shrugged, started grabbing cups and mixing liquids. "So what do I call you? Besides Wise Girl I don't even know your name." 

Annabeth had raised an eyebrow. "I've been coming here awhile now, I thought you knew."

Coffee shop dude had only shook his head. "You started coming November 28th. It's almost Christmas, so maybe your gift to me could be that we get onto a first name basis," he paused slyly. "That way when I think about you later in the day I can put a name to a face."

Annabeth had told him her name. His was Percy Jackson. Overtime it became a routine. Annabeth would come into the coffee shop everyday, Percy would fix her a drink and they would steal glances at eachother until finally Annabeth would shut the book she was pretending to read and wave goodbye to Percy, running off to school. Percy would watch her go, smiling to himself before turning back to his other customers. A part of him was sad she'd left but the other half was elated because Annabeth would be back tomorrow and he'd have the chance to finally ask her out properly. Percy couldn't help smile at everyone he met, whistling as he worked.

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