Like I said not a few moments ago, I met my dad for real in my highschool freshmen year. 

At first I didn't know it was him, because it was this guy with a mask and some really tight looking... tights. 

It wasn't until everyone was cheering because that guy saved us from this house falling from the sky, that I saw him slip out of the way of the crowd. I followed him along the side of the school, careful to stay in the shadows. But he must have doubled back without me knowing, because next thing I knew there was a gun pressed to my head. I don't really recall what happened, but I remember stammering, "S-sir I just wanted to see who you were-" I'm cut off as the man laughs. 

"Alex? Is that you?" I turn around and nod slowly.

Hesitantly I say, "how do you know who I am?" His face goes kind of slack, as if he can't believe I don't reckognize him, but then he gives me a hollywood hero smile, and says, "I'm your father." My jaw drops, but he doesn't stop there. Slowly, but carefully he takes off his mask. I see a flat chin, and grinning mouth, a semi-freckled face and extremely blonde hair, much like mine. At first I try to deny this, I mean how can this strange man be my father? But I start piecing it togther, he has my features, (or I have his) this explains why he was always absent to my milestones, and why he never comes around. 

My heart starts to lift, and I realize. I have a dad. I mean I know everyone has a dad, but I have a real live dad. 

My head takes in all this new information, and I half fall half sink to the ground. But I'm a practical guy, thinking about this won't get me anywhere until I get some answers. Looking up, mouth half open ready to fire off questions- he isn't there. He's gone.

I walk back to my house kind of slowly. I'm can't believe I have a dad. Then without thinking I start running, running as fast as I can back to my house. My mom has a lot of answers to the questions I have.

Next chapter Chapter Two: The Hero God

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