Welcome to Camp Jupiter Role-Play! This is where you may Role-Play inside Camp Jupiter! 

There will be different spots to Role-Play and different areas and things to do. 

There are a few rules to Role-Playing: 

  1. Start a new Comment (Or Role-Play) if it's a different spot or area. 
  2. Do not use other peoples characters
  3. Let the other person have time to respond, do not spam them on their talk-pages. 
  4. Let the person have a chance, don't do things like "Sarah stabbed Mark in the gut and he dies."

Just a few rules, if you break one of the rules then the admins will contact you and let you know. Please respect the other users and don't make them feel uncomfortable. Everyone is here to have fun and if you're acting like a bully or a stalker. We will have to ask you to leave or you will be banned for a short time.

Things will be added in time.


Little Tiber Edit

The Little Tiber surrounds Camp Jupiter. There is a bridge that crosses The Little Tiber and into Camp Jupiter. But if you have a Greek Blessing, like Percy did. And you cross through or over the Little Tiber. It will be taken away, as Camp Jupiter is a ROMAN Camp. And the Little Tiber is a ROMAN river. 

Senate HouseEdit

The Senate House is where all the important meeting are held. Usually they have meetings to discuss if quest's should be allowed or not. Preators and important people usually are the ones that choose if quest's are issued or not. 

Colosseum Edit

The Colosseum is where battles are held against two demigods or more. Team battles are usually held here when cohorts get into a fewd. If it's a one on one battle then the whole camp is invited to come and watch the battle. No demigods are killed though, they use rubber tipped spears.

Circus MaximusEdit

The Circus Maximus is where they used to hold Chariot Races, but now it is used for other things. Such as horse racing or simply just a training ground for how long and wide it is. 

The ForumEdit

The Forum is where statues of important people are and where the demigods mostly hang out and rest. 

Temple HillEdit

Temple Hill is where all the Temples for the Roman gods are. There the demigods go to the temples to give offerings to the gods or pray to the gods. 

Field of MarsEdit

The Field of Mars is where the War games are set up. Here the whole camp fights against each other in a real life battle where demigods die and are wounded badly. 

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