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Camp Jupiter Eagles

Camp Jupiter Eagles

The Camp Jupiter Imperial Awards are being distrubuted in 2014!

 Voting is closed.Edit

For each of these positions, take the quiz and vote on which user is the best of these! Don't be afraid to vote for yourself!

Best Roleplay CharacterEdit

TIE: LightSmith and Cyrus Aelius Pulcher

Most Likeable UserEdit

Winner: DaughterofPoseidon14

Runner Ups:

Sociable (always on chat) Edit

TIE: The Stig 3136 and HunterofArtemis12

Runner Ups: 

Best Collaboration Edit

Winner: The Demigod Games

Best Male UserEdit

Winner: JasonGrace1776

Runner Ups:

Best Female UserEdit

Winner: HunterofArtemis12

Runner Ups: 

Best CoupleEdit

Winner(s): DaughterofPoseidon14 and CastellanJackson

Runner Ups:

Best Comedy-fic Edit

Winner: Baby Percy Goes to Preschool by TheBestDaysofUrLife

Runner Up:

Best Roleplayer Edit

Winner: SorrowfulReprise

Runner Up:

Hardest WorkerEdit

Winner: HunterofArtemis12

Runner Up:

Longest Active UserEdit

Winner: HunterofArtemis12

Winners total: 

  1. DaughterofPoseidon14
  2. The Stig 3136
  3. HunterofArtemis12
  4. JasonGrace1776
  5. CastellanJackson
  6. TheBestDaysofUrLife
  7. SorrowfulReprise

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