Calypso Meredith Brown

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Calypso B.

"Rome wasn't build in a day, but we can sure as heck try."


Calypso has a long past and she really prefers not to talk about it. Her father couldn't handle the fact that an Olympian god made a child with him and had produced a half god half human offspring. His heart gave out when Calypso was eight years old. Everything bad seemed to happen when she was around- heart attacks, injuries, sports lost and even deaths. She turned her back on cousins and family willing to take her in. She didn't want anyone else to be hurt. In a way, Calypso felt her fathers death was her fault. It was her job to make sure no one else died or was injured. So, she took to the forests and ran at age eleven. Lupa and her wolves found her a year later and trained her in the ways of a Roman. Calypso was 13 when she joined Camp Jupiter.

Outer AppearanceEdit

Brown thick hair and dark brown eyes give her a forbidding look and somewhat hostile appearance at first glance. And then the second glance she still looks unfriendly but a bit more regal, in a leader type sense much like a queens aura. Usually dons her purple cape over a purple Camp Jupiter T-Shirt. (Clashing but she doesn't really care.)


Calypso is somewhat hard to get close to, a bit mistrusting of people she does not know. She is not easily flattered, guilted or tempted for any of her actions. More than once she may spiral out of control and do something reckless but usually keeps a calm demeanor and a front that she is strong (well...rephrase that part: she is just not always 100%). While she is confident and a born leader she almost always has an inkling of doubt traceable in her mind questioning herself and her skills. One might call it her fatal flaw of hubris.


  • An Imperial Gold sword that she keeps in a sheathe hung around her waist.
  • A small dagger concealed in a strap under whatever clothing article she chose to wear. The dagger is locate on her right upper thigh, usually concealed but easily detectable by met detectors which the Senate uses on all council members.
  • Crossbow which sits in her bag usually found strapped to her shoulders but always nearby.
Her weapon of choice is the crossbow however because of it it's wide range and non-heaviness. 

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