Chapter One

The explosion was what knocked Percy to the earth. Smoke billowed up around him and he choked, trying to clear dirt from his ears. An abnormal silence prolonged around him as he muttered under his breath. He knew what he was saying things like: Holy Hera, or dam of maybe an occasional "schist". Percy still couldn't hear himself, and that could be a problem.

He tried to pick himself up off the ground but honestly he just didn't have the energy. And then someone is there, helping him off the ground and then pulling his Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt over his shoulders and tugging it loose.

"No! Please!" Percy thinks he says. He doesn't know everything is still completely silent.

The rescued quickly turns into a captor as they push him to his knees. Percy wishes he could hear what their saying. A kick to his side makes him nearly fall over and probably a grunt of pain for his tormentors.

How had the battle changed ride so quickly?

And then he's being pulled up by his hair, gritting his teeth in agony. He manages to stand on quaking legs that are still vibrating from whatever device must have exploded.

Get it together Jackson, he chides himself. Great now he's talking to himself. That's just awesome.

He looks at the people abusing him only to realize they aren't human. Three giants, minor powers probably. Still enough to do some serious damage to the son of the sea god. One of them says something and all Percy gets from watching his mouth is "helpless" or maybe "kelp-less" before one of them tears back and punches him causing everything around him to fade.


Leo was bored. He sat at the steering wheel of the Argo II twirling a wii controller. He was planning to go take a dump when he heard a knock at the front of the ship and his surveillance cameras zoomed in. He grinned and hit ENTER.

"Annabeth!" He gave her a half hug half pat.

The blonde daughter of Athena smiled back tiredly. "Hey it's good to be back."

At the sound of her entering Frank was the first to come flying through the door. Literally as a parrot. Next was Jason and Piper hand in hand and then Hazel who graciously let everyone else hug Annabeth first then asked about her travels.

"Greece was great and Rome wasn't really the same without Percy but..." Annabeth trails off. "Where is Percy?"

Jason balked at that turning pale. "We thought Percy was traveling with you."

Annabeth stared back, looking like she might throw up. "I thought he was with you."

Leo spun in his chair and activated all cameras and feed with a few easy hacking tricks. "We would make lousy parents."

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