• Big Brother 99


    November 22, 2015 by Big Brother 99


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  • Beikeiai17

    News from Bei

    September 28, 2015 by Beikeiai17

    Hi everyone, its Bei here. Its been a while since i've been on this site. Gods it could be for many reasons lol. But i'm just stopping by to let everyone (and anyone) known that i started posting this new story called Damon the Struggle on Wattpad. You could find it easier under the name ruben_cabrera. The story is about werewolves and there will be a sequel soon. I just wanted to get some avid readers and writers feedback so if you could please read it. Id really appreciate it.

    Thanks and keep up the good work guys. Beikeiai out

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  • DanyYB

    I'm BACKKKKK (Sort of)

    July 28, 2015 by DanyYB's been more than a year and you don't know how much I've missed you all. I've been busy (I know, I always say that...) and I'm not on that much... So, I was thinking of coming back, you know, with holidays and stuff I have more free time now. I won't edit much, but we can chat! I'd love to have your email's fine if you want to keep them private, but I just REALLY want to talk to you. So yeah, I've missed you guys, and I hope we're still friends. I'm dying to know how you've been, it's been a long time and so much has changed.

    -Time, are you still into Doctor Who? Series 9 comes out 19th September!

    -Hunter, are you still into volleyball? Ho is it going?

    -Sibby!!! How are you? Do you still love chocolate?


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  • Clonefanatic's been so, so long since I've been here. I'm sorry. I stopped out of negligence. Life got in the way. I got very busy! It's been a year hasn't it? Have people forgotten me? Lol probably. I've missed you all. Every single one. I can still remember things from this wiki. The roleplay, the friendships. I miss you all so much.

    I don't use wiki chats much now, I'm mainly on kik (username asher1998) IG (username that_number_30_doe) and that's about it. I'm 17 now too. Yeah it really has been a long time. Sooooo let me know how you all are doing in the comments! Let's chat again.


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  • Sibuna4evs

    Been a while..

    April 27, 2015 by Sibuna4evs

    Hey family, friends, and foes~!

    Sibby the 'mother' of the wiki here~ Missing y'all. Sersly it's been TOO long!~ Maybe since the weathers a bit nicer, I'll start hearing/seeing from so of you lot. 

    Anyways, chow loves~

    Eins zwei Drei~ 19:19, April 27, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Sibuna4evs

    Konnichiwa minna!

    So Taitos birthday is really really soon and I want to throw him a party on chat! But it's a surprise party!

    So can everyone get on chat soon so we can plan it out? 

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  • Allan vinícius

    Who do you think that would win in a war?

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  • XTaikoxShionx


    March 10, 2015 by XTaikoxShionx








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  • YorkieWolf

    All By Myself

    February 22, 2015 by YorkieWolf

    It feels like a ghost town. Where is everybody? Sorry, I'm new. Cool wikia, but it feels really.... abandoned. I mean, only a little bit.

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  • DanyYB

    I'm Back (Sort Off)

    December 17, 2014 by DanyYB


    I'm back (sort off)! School's been really hard, I've got loads of homework and projects. I haven't been online in, what, 3+ months? I think I missed the dance. But my Christmas holidays start on Friday (Yay!), which means I'll have more free time! I hope I haven't missed anything important. Are there any news?

    My news (so far):

    • I'm OK
    • I haven't received my letter :(
    • I almost failed my maths test...almost. I think I got a 6.-- but I got an 8.3 on the final grade!
    • I got braces (again)
    • I missed you
    • I'm writing a story on Wattpad
    • I don't know what to write now...

    Soooo, I want to know! what have you been up to? It's been...a while... Has anyone left/arrived?


    Also, I've got another question... WH…

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  • Flame Princess17

    The New Team

    December 16, 2014 by Flame Princess17


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  • LelouchviBritannia

    Emo or Scene

    December 13, 2014 by LelouchviBritannia
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  • AlienDark12


    December 11, 2014 by AlienDark12

    Any of you guys got Kik? Message me it! 

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  • DaughterofPoseidon14



    Sometimes.... I scare myself. 


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  • HunterofArtemis12

    You can RSVP, because it's cooler if you do OR just show up at the time!

    What time does it start and when? WE CAN PICK BETWEEN ANY OF THESE 4 DATES:

    Time? Standard Time Military Time 1:00 AM -01:00

    2:00 AM -02:00

    3:00 AM -03:00

    4:00 AM -04:00

    5:00 AM -05:00

    6:00 AM -06:00

    7:00 AM -07:00

    8:00 AM -08:00

    9:00 AM -09:00

    10:00 AM- 10:00

    11:00 AM- 11:00

    12:00 PM- 12:00

    1:00 PM -13:00

    2:00 PM -14:00

    3:00 PM -15:00

    4:00 PM -16:00

    5:00 PM -17:00

    6:00 PM -18:00

    7:00 PM -19:00

    8:00 PM -20:00

    9:00 PM -21:00

    10:00 PM- 22:00

    11:00 PM- 23:00

    Midnight- 00:00 If your not sure if your in Central Time, Pacific, Mountain or any of the others, you can Google it, or try and work it out with some of the staff. No specific time set, will need to set a date on chat so everyone can talk it…

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  • Neuelegend


    November 13, 2014 by Neuelegend

    Go away.

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  • Sibuna4evs


    October 26, 2014 by Sibuna4evs

    YAY OR NAY?! 

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  • Ghostqueen2468


    October 26, 2014 by Ghostqueen2468

    Hello! How are you users today? This is my second day here and I am getting it down! I'll blog tomorrow, but for today Goodbye!

    Queen Of Ghost

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  • Sibuna4evs


    October 4, 2014 by Sibuna4evs

    Wth did everyone gooooo~!??? Minnnnnnnnaaa I get school is like a hassle but I still get on everyday and I THINK WE SHOULD HAVE A PARTAY cuz like..this is a no~ IT'S THE WEEKEND PPL 

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  • AlienDark12

    Im so happy :D

    September 27, 2014 by AlienDark12

    Oh my gawd guys, I play on a Percy Jackson server and Im an admin on it, and Rick Riodian just retweeted my server :D :D :D :D :D 

    Just scroll down a little xD

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  • HunterofArtemis12


    We've stumbled upon the final book, the last book we will ever have from Percy and Annabeth's point of view! THE LAST TIME WE HEAR FROM OUR BELOVED FRANK MUSCULAR ZHANG THE ONE WHO TEACHES US THAT LIfE IS PRECIOUS AND A GIFT! THE FINAL TIME NICO DI ANGELO SETS FOOT INTO OUR LIVES AND TELLS US ITS OKAY TO BE YOU. No more shall Jason Grace fly through our dreams and teach us to reach for the sky! NO MORE WILL PIPER TEACH US TO STAND UP FOR OURSELVES. Percy won't show us how to have courage anymore, how to rise and fall for everything you love and believe in. Annabeth's wisdom will not come anymore...Leo Valdez won't teach us how to light the world with our fire even when everything is se…

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  • 81cheney


    September 26, 2014 by 81cheney

    I noticed it has been 3 weeks since I made my character. I still haven't been claimed,I really think we should be claimed faster. Some people haven't been claimed yet and they Joined 9 months ago. But one was claimed two days ago. Why do you only claim certain people? I posted on two mods walls about this problem. They haven't gotten back to me. Can each of you only claim certain people who are children of certain gods? But some people on purposely don't want to be claimed one person did Child of Juno,Diana,Or Minerva so all maidens. Now mods if your reading this please fix this issue.

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  • HunterofArtemis12

    The Excuses:

    1) Top priority right now is both GRADES (which means school, tests, homework, etc) and VOLLEYBALL. (Positive note: DoP and I are swinging from JV to Varsity! Which means: plays for both, swings back and forth.)

    2) It's a routine. Leave at 6:45 AM. School ends at like 3:10. And volleyball practice or a game everday until 7:00 PM. If it's a game it could be like 9:00 PM. And them come home, eat, homework, sleep do it again.

    3) That's why I can usually come on more over the weekends. Except this weekend we had a volleyball all day tournament (we won undefeated by the way...just thoughtid throw that fun fact in). Then we had a sleepover with our friend. On Sunday we left our friends and saw the maze runner (I DEFINATLEY RECOMMEND IT…

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  • AlienDark12

    Okay, so I just got back from my very long vacation to see that everyone is leaving! The only thing I said, was "wat"

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  • Ahmad15

    Disconnected from the Wiki

    August 29, 2014 by Ahmad15

    So hey guys. I've been recently really disconnected from this wiki. Why? I've recently been promoted on another wiki to chatmod, after 2 whole years of serving that community.

    I had to spend at least a few weeks there all the time being on that chat.

    For a while now I haven't made a single chapter of Unexpected, nor did I go on chat. Sorry.

    Also, this wiki has died I see? :/

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  • TimeLord15

    Alright so I don't know how I should really put the results, so I'll just do the 1st-3rd place, k? 

    1. Days of the Owls by Hunter :) 

    2. half blood spies by the collab people (really cbs typing it all out) :D (Can I just say ermagawd that torture scene) 

    3. The bob in our stars by townsies :p



    Well I read the stories and a lot of it just didn't grab my attention like, okay cool, I wasn't really...idk...grabbed by them which is why I put the one that actually grabbed my attention in first place cause let's be honest though a lot more description could be placed in it, it was evenly done, and the reason 'the bob in our stars' isn't higher is cause I found it was too much description, well actually, I don't w…

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  • Ahmad15

    Unexpected: Spoilers

    August 12, 2014 by Ahmad15

    (So here I am making my very first blog, and in hopes there are ANY fans of Unexpected out there, which does some irrelevant, a spoilers blog.)

    The series will have three primary main character groups, and each will have a different story arc:

    • Praise's story arcs
    • Thank's story arcs
    • Annabeth and Percy's story arcs

    Due to this, the chapters will go in a cycle, Annabeth and Percy, Thank, then Praise, cycling from chapter to the next.

    The chapters will be narrated by any one of the main characters in each story arc. Since Praise's story arcs' only other main characters haven't been introduced yet, only expect Praise to narrate the next few chapters. For Annabeth and Percy, Annabeth will narrate for two chapters, before its Percy's turn to narrate tw…

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  • LelouchviBritannia

    grounded 2x

    August 11, 2014 by LelouchviBritannia

    I wasn't on for long cause I was grounded. I'm currently sneaking onto my computer so I won't be in further trouble.

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  • TheGreatSword

    My first blog post

    August 2, 2014 by TheGreatSword

    I just realized, I've never written a blog, so here it is :3

    I'm Tgs to most people, actually Tgs to almost everyone... no one has a nickname for me ;_; 

    Kinda sucks, if you think about it xD

    Um I think everyone on the wiki is fantastic and we're an awkward family' 

    I'm always up for chatting with you wonderous folk on this amazing wiki :D 

    Um BYE'

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  • DanyYB

    Come on chat

    July 29, 2014 by DanyYB

    OK, If you're reading this, it means you're on (sorta). Please, come on chat. I'm bored.

    Don't worry, I'll delete this blog.

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  • Freeman23

    Since writing the Alone, So Very Much Alone, story I have decided that unless somone wants to help contribute to the collaboration I will be closing it as a collaboration and keeping it has a story by one Author. Please let me know by July 24th if you want to join otherwise I will no longer make it a collab. 

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  • DanyYB


    July 20, 2014 by DanyYB

    OK, so I've seen many blogs about this. I'm suposed to confess something but I really don't know what to.

    1) I once told Hunter and Dayz (both were on chat but Hunter was Dayz) that I had left my phone at school and that a friend was hacking my account. I entered multiple times to chat. Hehehe.

    2) I have/or used to have a crush on some of the guys here, but Ash is my only boy

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  • XTaikoxShionx

    My Confession

    July 20, 2014 by XTaikoxShionx

    (Sibuna dared me sooooo)

    I'm a female. Hence the "Bigendered" on my profile.

    Watashi Wa Miku Desu. (So weeaboo google chrome crashed...)

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  • Sibuna4evs

    I confess...

    July 20, 2014 by Sibuna4evs

    Well I don't know how this started...I just came on wikia after a day and BOOM all these random confessions that I had already knew about. Well, most of them. 

    So , anywhorrrrr, my turn?

    1) I don't have a twin, but I have a bestfriend who sorta looks like me and we go with it outside of the internet n stuff. Even our parents do it. But Keithy does exist, he's just moving away...

    2) I'm not as "happy" as everyone thinks, I mean idk why people ever thought I was nice...tbh, Taito's nicer than me and he got banned cuz he said he hated everyone and wanted to quit being an admin. Nevermind, don't get me into this...

    3) I really look like this...

    lol jk :P Thought it would be funny since everyones age n looks is like all f'd up on here :P ~ 

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  • Brian 5678

    My confession

    July 20, 2014 by Brian 5678

    I saw everyone else's confessions. I think I should tell you guys some of my stuff. Since it's so easy to lie on the Internet.

    I'm a 64 year old man.

    Jk. Jk.

    But in all serious-ness (is that a word) I do have stuff I really can't hide any more.

    • I'm not Bree's sister. We've been best friends for a really long time and it feels like I'm part of the family but im not really. So I hang out at her house a lot and stuff but I lied. And it was bad because I asked her if I could pretend to be her sister. She didn't want to at first.
    • I never really liked sib. There's this girl, here on the wiki that turned me down. And I was hurt. So I wanted to make her jealous and sort of...used Sib to make her mad. It didn't work so I asked sib if we could break up. …
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  • Silverwind of MountainClan

    This may as well be the end of wiki life for me.

    I'm underage. By now a lot of people who know me by chat probably suspected this. Maybe I should've said this earlier... I didn't want to get banned or looked down upon because of what age I was, but now I suppose I will. There's an age restriction for a reason right? To protect younger people from cursing, and inappropriate content. Um... yeah, I listened to a lot of this stuff on chat, and being the person I am and the things I have seen, I honestly didn't care.

    I want to say thank you so much Camp Jupiter for being such a great community. You guys make this wiki so much more.

    Um so I think this is goodbye. Again, thanks so much! 

    ~Silverwind~ Try and fail, but never fail to try. - Jared Leto 21…

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  • ElsatheDivergent

    Okay. Everyone I think already knows I'm a super bad person. I do drugs and party and have done a lot of things I'm not proud of.

    But there are two things bugging me.

    1) dissing Jason. I dated him because it was funny and I thought he was an abosulte **** so I thought haha time to play a trick. So I tried to warn his heart then snapped it in two (that was my goal anyways). So yeah that was pretty awful of me

    2) I told the wiki that my sister died. And that's a horrendous lie because I don't have a sister. It just gave me a reason to snap at people- because that's my actual personality- and get sympathy for it. I guess you could say I'm an attention hog.

    I practically live for te spotlight,

    That's all I have to say.

    Oh and I'm not bisexual either…

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  • Freeman23


    July 19, 2014 by Freeman23

    Five years ago when I first created my wiki account I was determined to build a reputation as a reserved wiki user. When I contructed my first wiki, I had used the same user name that I have used these past five years. 

    This is a series of confessions I need for you admins to read understand and acknowledge. 

    1. My Real User Account Name is: Freeman23
    2. I lied when I said this was my first time on the Wiki as Seth Storm. 
    3. As Freeman23 I have been reserved and very formal. However this is not been the real me nor has it been for the past five years despite it begining my first account. 
    4. I once claimed I was evoultionist, and at one time that was true, that is no longer the case, you could say I did a 180 on that topic.
    5. I am a Born again Christian and …
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  • TimeLord15

    I like guys.

    There, out of the closet.

    Lol kidding.

    Ok so, I think we can all agree on something here that all of us has lied about something...and it has been coming out lately so here it is. My turn. I did something bad ;) 

    Ok to all seriousness here, it's not like I sockpuppeted or anything or like I don't know something against the rules, just I haven't been entirely honest with you all. 

    Basically. My age. And my face. Kind of. 

    I'm not fifteen.

    I'm kind of seventeen.

    I'm turning eighteen in August.

    Reason? Well cause I once was on a young wiki (like this) where everyone looked up to me and blah blah blah, you know? Like just cause of my age they didn't treat me like a human being. I was a god in their eyes. I hated it. So when I came to this …

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  • DaughterofPoseidon14

    Hi users! I need your help on deciding what's fair, and what's unfair. I want everyone on the community to feel happy with how they can use their message walls and blogs.

    First question:

    If someone was asking a review on say a movie or book- can someone else make a smiliar blog post asking relatively the same thing?


    1st blog: Hey what did you guys think of Percy Jackson's latest book- the House of Hades?

    2nd blog: Omigoodness hahaah that ending was crazy! I can't wait to see what happens in the Blood of Olympus- what about you guys?

    Seconds question:

    If some staff member comes along and leaves a message on your message wall, do you think you should be allowed to delete it. They might say "but it's so we can keep track of warnings" but ho…

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  • Sibuna4evs

    I'm done with loving chocolate. The obsession hath faded. It was pretty pointless anyways and It always was a bit bitter. SO don't call me the Chocolate miser anymore cuz i dk who that is. I'm just Sibby. CHOCOLATE SUCKSSSSSSSS 

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  • Sibuna4evs

    Hunter's blog

    July 3, 2014 by Sibuna4evs

    Okay. There's a lot of questions going on. You know, I would have posted this earlier but alas I was blocked until this very moment. Which I completely understand.

    I don't want to leave this wiki. And not to sound like I'm too important but I know it will burn within weeks. And no- I'm sorry but I've put in a lot of effort with you all and my one mistake will not effect us all. Now, you may choose to hate me but I have decided I am NOT leaving for those purposes. You can never talk to me again but I'm going to stay and see us through to the end.

    TheBestDaysofUrLife. This is the problem we need to address and since I'm responsible this will be hard for people to hear. Try not to think of this as an excuse even though I suppose it is. Back in …

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  • Sibuna4evs

    I'm veeeeeery sad to inform you that Hunter and Dop are leaving the wiki. I believe that Community Central has blocked them or is going to block them soon. The reason for this was an issue of sock-puppeting. TheBestDaysofurlife and CastellanJackon were also in this loop, I'm sorry to say...

    I don't know what this means for our wiki, because the wiki mother and her sister are gone. I don't know if we're gonna die or if we're gonna strive, tbh. I guess I was left in charge...woopty doo

    So decide if you want to leave or stay, your comments shall affect the decisions of the wiki and what will happen next. I'm sorry...everyone~

    Eins zwei Drei~ 21:52, July 2, 2014 (UTC)

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  • DaughterofPoseidon14

    Here's mine:

    Sibs (:
























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  • Sibuna4evs


    June 28, 2014 by Sibuna4evs

    Loooooooook here wikians! U guys are spamming my emails with your messages on MY wall!!!! Nopenopenopenope I'm disregarding the captains orders this. Must. Stop! Or else..... Dumdumdummmm

    Eins zwei Drei~ 19:51, June 28, 2014 (UTC)

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  • LelouchviBritannia
    • Knightmare Frames
    • Geass
    • Zero
    • Futuristic artillery and machine guns/assault rifles
    • Slash Harkens
    • Missiles
    • Knightmarer Air Cavalry
    • Knightmare Marines
    • Bullet-proof Armoured troops

    • there won't be any advantages Rome will have over Britannia. They'll just fried by the Britannians in 2 seconds


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  • DaughterofPoseidon14

    TO do list

    June 21, 2014 by DaughterofPoseidon14

    When I come on to the wiki I need to complete this:

    Check Illustrations contest entries

    Read messages

    Update templates

    Home page 

    Wiki activity

    Start basic fact pages

    Combine portals

    Template redirect 

    Page deletion


    Emoticon Sign Up sheet

    Emoticon deletion

    Category cleaning

    User protocal 

    Update general rules

    • i.e. cyber bullying and trolls
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  • DaughterofPoseidon14

    These pages I find are missing from our basic information. 

    Feel free to add to the list and sign your name next to one if you are interested in filling out the information for that page.



    -Sally Jackson

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  • Sibuna4evs


    June 17, 2014 by Sibuna4evs




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  • The Visitor

    Funny Pictures

    June 11, 2014 by The Visitor
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