Beryl Grace
Vital statistics
Title Mother of Jason and Thalia Grace
Current Age Unknown
Gender Female
Family Jason Grace (son)

Thalia Grace (daughter)

Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Affiliation None
Status Deceased
Weapons None
Home USA


Ms. Beryl Grace was the lover of Jupiter/Zeus and from that she bore Jason. But after Jupiter left she started to do drugs and drink. She became worse and worse arguing with Thalia and always spending her money on drinking.

When Jason was two she had given him up to Lupa as a gift to Juno. Thalia Grace (her daughter) had run away after that and left Ms. Grace alone.

It is unknown when Ms.Grace died, but she had died in a car crash some time after Thalia had ran away. She was drunk the night of the crash and hadn't been thinking straight. It is unknown what she was doing before she died, but it is most likely that she was drinking.


Jason Grace, her son


Thalia, her daughter

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